Wednesday, October 7, 2015

She roamed in Riyadh home wearing Suicide Explosive Jacket

As the world begins to progress forward, keeping intact to the latest technology and equipment we cannot live in the bubble anymore that we will always remain safe. The technology and such advancements that claim to keep us safe, are now becoming the cause for security issues to be raised in and out of the world. In certain countries, there is a war and the only thing that makes the whole scenario a lot worse is the use of machine guns and explosives that kills and takes the lives of the innocents involved.  Earlier this weekend, a Filipina was taken under arrest. She was found to be wearing a suicide jacket at the time when armed and security forces surrounded the house she was staying in.

The Filipina was taken under arrest for the crime of being involved in certain terrorist activities along with a Syrian national. It was told that the Filipina was taken in by a Syrian 15 months ago when she lost her sponsor within her stay in the Kingdom. She did not have any other place to go and so she helped the Syrian in assembling bombs and explosives, along with sewing the jackets and belts.  The Filipina used to stay inside the house in Al-Fayhaa when the Syrian went out. The Filipina was told to wear an explosive jacket in order to keep all intruders out. The Syrian’s house in Al-Fayhaa was completely booby trapped inside as well as outside. The terrorist did not even care about the lives of the innocents within his neighborhood.

The Syrian who is identified as Yasser Mohammad Shafiq Al-Barazi, entered the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2010. It can be told how well he knew the work of assembling and dismantling bombs as the jacket on the Filipina took 12 hours to defuse.  Al-Barazi was caught after he was driven out by the forces out of his neighborhood. It was told that he had another safe house in the Al-Jazira district where security agencies found furniture and clothes, but no people.

It can be guessed that Al-Barazi was expecting some guests. From the premises of Al-Fahyaa, two explosive belts, a machine gun with two magazines and 88 rounds, two hard disk drives and three cameras were recovered. It can be said that the raid at the house in Al-Fayhaa was the second major security operation in the city of Riyadh within the past month.

Through this search, a lot of has been found regarding some important terrorist activities. One of the facts that has been stated is that most of the people involved are Yemenis and Syrians. Security agencies have also disclosed that during the past 12 years, 135 Syrian Expatriates have been caught or are searched for. Also, there were a total of 62 terrorists and supporters of Daesh, who could be categorized as Saudis, Yemenis and Syrians. Such effective searches and raids can become a deal of great help in ensuring the security of not only Riyadh, but more cities of the Kingdom.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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