Sunday, October 4, 2015

SR 100,000 fine for each overstaying Hajj Pilgrim

As pilgrims perform the obligatory services of Hajj this year once again, they are in a route of returning back to their home countries. Whether they have lived within the boundary of the Saudi Kingdom, or have to the Holy land after travelling thousands and thousands of miles just to please Allah and follow the commandments of the Prophet (SAW). With the return of the pilgrims, comes great celebrations, but perhaps some of the pilgrims try to overstay and not follow the guidelines of Hajj that they had originally signed up for.

To visit the holy cities of Makkah, Madina and Jeddah is a matter of great pride and not everyone can afford it. As the last sermon of the Prophet (SAW) emphasized that only those of you who can afford it should make a visit to the House of Allah to perform Hajj. Somehow, many of the pilgrims try to ignore the policies and regulations that are set out by the Hajj boards and look for work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or make arrangements to travel outside the cities of Makkah , Madina and Jeddah.

Reports have broken out a state of unease and unrest amongst most of the pilgrims, travel and security agencies as the Directorate General of Immigration confirmed that if any pilgrims are found overstaying after performing Hajj within the Kingdom, they will be fine SR100,000. The Directorate has made it very evident and clear to all the agencies and institutions that are associated with the pilgrim services that if they try to hold back any source of vital information or try to protect or hide any such data against a pilgrim who is still within the Kingdom, serious action will be taken against them and the fine would be multiplied by the number of violations they commit.

Same orders were carried out to the transport and travel agencies within the Kingdom as to avoid any pilgrim to leave the cities of Makkah, Madina or Jeddah. This warning also includes hotels and accommodations that will try to hide pilgrims and all those overstaying their Visa. The possible reason for the directorate general to issue such a warning seems to be that many of the first timer pilgrims might not be fully aware of the policies and regulations that are set out. This warning ensured that everyone be fully aware and no excuses would be further tolerated.

Most of the pilgrims have already left the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but to all those who have not should evacuate immediately before they are charged against violating the rules and regulations set out by the Kingdom. Since the Hajj Season has come to an end, it becomes the responsibility of the pilgrims to follow the guidelines properly as to avoid problems for the future. It can be possible that if caught they may be deported and would not be allowed to enter the Kingdom ever again in the future.

Source: Arab News

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