Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Story of an HIV+ Girl who infected 324 people with AIDS to take revenge

In what comes as the most shocking story of the decade, a female student studying at Kabarak University located in Nakuru, Kenya has made a confession that she has purposely infected more than 324 people with the HIV virus. The story is in accordance with the report by the International Business Times. The 19 year old student who has not been names has stated that she had initially planned to affect more than 2000 men in this bid to get revenge on the man who she suspects had infected her at the party. The young girl contacted the Kenyan Scandals page on Facebook and stated that she had a confession to make.

After she was given surety of the fact that her identity wouldn’t be disclosed, she made a post to Facebook. In the post she stated she would never forget 22nd Sept. 2013, she added that on the day she went clubbing in the town and got wasted with some of the more senior students. They then proceeded back to the hostels for another round of the party. It should be noted that the Kenyan Daily Post published the picture of the profile of the young girl on Facebook. She added that when she had woken up the next day, she realized that a boy by the name of Javan had sex with her while she was drunk. She only asked Javan if he has used a condom and he stated that he had. However the young girl states that when she went to shower, she saw sperm fluid in her private parts. She says that she was terrified and wanted to commit suicide. Her biggest fears were getting pregnant and / or getting HIV.

She later discovered that she had become HIV positive and confronted Javan who kept on insisting that he was perfectly clean. She added that she became extremely depressed and took alcohol to die, while also buying poison to consume.  She could not face the world or her parents who she had let down. She states that she had accepted that her future had been destroyed however she also realized somebody has to pay. She stated that she accepted her fate and vowed to make all the man suffer. She knew she was attractive and men, whether single or married, could not resist her. She added that she then brought out the bad girl inside her and infected as many people as possible.

The girl then made another confession. This confession stated that she had already infected more than 324 men, half of which were students at the same University she was studying in. The roster of men also includes politicians, celebrities, lecturers, lawyers and married men. She added that no day goes by when she does not have sexual relations with others even 4 people per day are her normal routine now. She also added that nothing will ever stop her from accomplishing her goals.

She ended with a chilling statement which read “men destroyed my life and I will make you and your people pay for it”

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