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Tips for Expats who carry gifts of other expats to home country

As an expatriate prepares for their trip back home, something which can definitely be found inside their luggage are the gifts, which are handed out to all the family and friends back home. They may consist of various things such as imported perfumes, cigars, candy bars or key chains. However it is not just the person who is travelling, that gets to send home for their family and friends. People often carry gifts for their friends who do not have the chance to travel. Sometimes however this can end up in adverse situations. In this article, we are providing some Tips for Expats who carry gifts of other expats to home country.

Tips for Expats who carry gifts of other expats to home country
Even if we say that none of the inconveniences listed above occur to the traveler, extra stuff means extra time to be checked, then the courier must also go and drop the package off to the families and friends of the person who sent it. If you really do have to transport a package;

  1. Make sure you know what is inside the package, do not trust anyone and if the package is to be packed or wrapped, make sure you have it done in front of you. This can be helpful if there is a hidden compartment or hidden content inside the package such as drugs, bullets or any other illegal thing.
  2. If the item you are transporting is relatively heavier than a hand held courier package, don’t feel ashamed to ask for luggage fees, even if you do not get asked for extra luggage fee, you can use the money on yourself or can return it to the friend upon your return.
  3. If you are going back only for a limited time, make sure that it is made clear that the package will be picked up from your house or somewhere close by. This will allow you to spend the maximum amount of time with family and friends.

Problems faced by Expats who carry gifts of other expats to home country
  1. The case of drug mules is all too common, and we have probably heard about them many times. People who are travelling are offered some dollars to take one small package and transport it; however they do not know what is inside of it. Hence an opportunity to earn a few dollars may mean a lifetime in jail, or worse death.
  2. The airports in developing or underdeveloped countries, such as those from where these expatriates hail, are some of the most inefficient airports in the world. Anything which may seem out of place may get scrutinized for several hours, and there are also various reports that claim that officers at these airports only release travelers only when they have been bribed.
  3. Prior to the flight, most of the expatriates are so excited about their flight that they only make a verbal commitment to transport whatever their friend wants to send back home. However at the check in counter for the airline, they realize they are overweight and will have to pay up extra fees for the added weight. While some people offer cash for the time and effort of the traveler, there are many people who do not, and consider it as a favor.
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