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Top 10 Places for Family Entertainment in Jeddah

  1. Al Shallal Theme Park: Rated as one of the best places for families, it consists of a beautiful landscape with a lake and restaurants. Children can indulge in the Amazon wood roller coaster ride or the bowling alley. Depending on the time spent and the number of rides taken by children you should expect to pay SAR 25 to SAR 50 and some rides are even free with the entrance charge. Recommended: Al Shallal Theme Park Jeddah - an Oasis in Desert
  2. Atallah Happy Land Theme Park: Perhaps one of the oldest, biggest and elegant parks in Jeddah, which is spread over 45000 square meters and gifted with a beautiful view of the sea. A special section has been constructed for smaller children while there is a separate indoor and outdoor setup for both adults and older children. The park opens at 5 p.m. and you should expect to pay SAR 25 TO SAR 50 to enter.
  3. Chuck – e – cheese: Another global family favorite, Chuck E cheese can be found on the Jeddah Corniche and has been built on 60,000 square meters in a 2 floored building. The play area has around 220 games which can accommodate 400 players at any given time. There is also a cumber car setup, bowling, ice skating, camel race and airplane ride. Expect to pay around SAR 25 to SAR 50.
  4. Funtimes: this entertainment / play area in the center of the Red Sea Mall has been designed for the children. The area includes various roller coasters, bumper cars and other electronic games. Various food stalls are also available which sell some of the favorite foods of children such as doughnuts, pizza etc.
  5. Royal Maktabat or Stationery Fantasies Water Park: This park located on the Sultan Street is only for children and consists of various slides and pools. Additionally a shopping mall is also attached to the water park. Snacks and drinks are available to be purchased and mothers can monitor their children from a room while the trained personnel look after the children.
  6. Sail Island: A fantastic place for children, especially in the hotter months, it is located on the Red Sea Corniche. Several rides, pools and playgrounds are available and the café / restaurant is overlooking the Red Sea cornice. You should expect to pay SAR 40 for a child and SAR 60 for an adult.
  7. Play land at Moon Toon, Andalus Mall, Aziz Mall and Arabian Mall and the Adventure world at Falcon Mall: All these places are best for children as they provide a variety of entertainment options such as computer games, rides, physical activities, bumping cars, wall climbing etc. food courts and shopping areas are also available for the rest of the family. Payment depends on the number of rides or activities ranging from SAR 50 to SAR 500.
  8. Intenso: This place is for the slightly grown up child as it provides a snooker table, car racing and play station console gaming. There is also a bowling area along with a leisure area for beverages and snacks. Payment varies with number of activities between SAR 50 and SAR 100.
  9. Café Ceramique: Located in Stars Avenue, the café is the best place for all age groups especially for the creative ones who like crafts and art. Children can paint ceramic vases and other related activities which the parents can join in on too. You should expect to pay anywhere between SAR 30 and SAR 100.
  10. Fayfa zoo and Garden: Located on Tahlia Street in Jeddah this place is best for nature loving people and children. The garden hosts a shop for plants and other goods while a zoo is also present along with a café.
Source: Arab News

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