Friday, October 30, 2015

Two Brides with One Groom – A wedding in Saudi Arabia

Anybody who has ever gotten married, knows how stressful and nerve wracking the moment before the marriage and the actual day of the marriage can be. Conventionally most men find it difficult to handle 1 wife, especially during the days of the wedding, when she is most likely to experience the BrideZilla moment where she wants everything to go her way or she would create a huge fuss or worse.  While here I am slightly worried about my wedding day, another guy has proved his nerves of steel by not only having 1 bride at his wedding, but having 2 brides to just himself. This is definitely one of the first instances we have seen of 1 groom marrying 2 brides inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Certainly the many guests who attended the unique wedding ceremony were not shocked or surprised at all. The unique once in a lifetime wedding ceremony took place in the Westerns region of Saudi Arabia, in Taif. So from what I wrote earlier, you would probably perceive that the man got married to both the women at the same time, however it turns out that even though both the women had donned their wedding gowns, only one of the brides got married at the ceremony. In reality the other woman sitting with the groom was already his wife, who he has been married to for the last 5 years. In accordance to Emirates 24/7 the couple tried to conceive a child for 5 years. After this the first wife gave the husband permission to get married to another woman so that he could have children. Reportedly the husband was extremely reluctant at first, however shortly after agreed to the second marriage due to the infertility of his wife. His wife was so supportive of this new move that she picked out the new wife for the man.

After finalizing the new marriage contract and setting up a date for the wedding ceremony, the first wife of the groom learned that she had indeed gotten pregnant; however this new development did not change her mind or deter her intentions of getting her husband married again. Subsequently she decided to join in on the festivities and celebrate her pregnancy.

In related news several prospective marriage couples in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are now facing delays in getting their marriage officiated due to the fact that the Kingdom is experiencing a shortage in marriage contracts. The problem arose after a glitch occurred in the distribution process of these marriage certificates or contract from the stored of the Justice Ministry which has caused several of the courts in the Kingdom to run out of these marriage contracts.

Subsequently there has been a delay in the signing of this contract for the new couples. The newlywed couples are required to possess a valid contract of marriage in order to attain their Family ID cards. The story was reported by Albawaba.

Source: Emirates News

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