Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We will build 200 Mosques in Germany for Syrian Refugee Brothers - Saudi Kingdom

By the time this article will be uploaded and published, most of the world will already be familiarized by the massive Refugee crisis which is currently affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of Syrian citizens.  The world was brought to tears when they saw the pictures of baby Aylan lying lifeless on the shore. This baby single handedly brought world leaders together on the issue of aiding and assisting these Syrian refugees. Several families from war torn Syria have fled their countries leaving behind everything they own, more or less their entire life just to have a chance at surviving.

A huge number of Syrian refugees are making their way towards Europe, to countries such as Germany in search of a better life. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has volunteered to construct 200 mosques in Germany, due to the fact that such a high number of Muslim Syrians are relocating there. The more wealthy and stable neighbors of Syria have been criticized openly and are being accused of simply not doing enough to aid in the Humanitarian crisis. Qatar, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are all coming under criticism for not doing enough on their part to accommodate the Syrian refugees by keeping their doors closed for anyone who wished to seek asylum in these countries.

In accordance to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, it has quoted a report from the Lebanese Newspaper Al Diyar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are offering to build one mosque for every 100 refugees who enter Germany, and are currently entering Germany in large numbers. To be fair, it would be completely unfair to just state that the Gulf countries or the Arab states have done nothing at all in order to help the estimated millions of Syrians who have to date fled their own home country and their homes since 2011 when the conflict started.

Several newspapers and Government sources have confirmed that more than 2.5 million Syrians have been settled in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as citizens and not as refugees or asylum seekers. Additionally private individuals who are extremely wealthy from the GCC region have also contributed around $ 900 million USD which is being spent on the maintenance of refugee camps on the Syrian borders. There is however a fear amongst the Gulf state and Iran allied nations that letting in a huge number of Syrians could allow Bashar Al Assad loyalists to enter into the countries.

Another aspect which is concerning about the GCC countries is that in countries such as the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where the local population to expatriate population ratio is somewhere at 5 expatriates to 1 local in UAE, to 2 locals per expatriate in the Kingdom. Meanwhile in Germany, Angela Merkel has welcomed two of the refugee families at an asylum seekers home in Berlin. When she was asked about the offer made by Saudi Arabia she stated that it would have to go through the federal authorities.

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