Monday, October 26, 2015

What prevents Saudis from working as Barbers in Salons?

Saudi native consider it as an insult to work as barber and those who are associated with this profession are ridicule by their friends and family. Youth consider it as a low standard profession which has led to import of barbers in Kingdom from different native countries. Worldwide barbers earn well repute and standards. In fact they are termed as hair dressers and consultants instead of barber, but the situation is different in KSA. Society of KSA has shown a negative response towards profession of barber and those who have adopted it as their source of income or hobby are looked down upon even by their customers. Their friends and family consider them useless persons of society who had left with no other option and became barbers. The intense negative approach regarding barbers has made it a stigma for country where not even the poorest person would prefer to earn living through barber profession.

Not even bad response from friends and family, the income level which a barber may earn is way far lower than average income of a family to survive easily in KSA. This way barbers are suffering both ways by staying lower in social as well as economic and financial status in society. Talking to many barbers who are even working in expensive markets of KSA, not even a single person showed content or satisfaction with his profession. The old generation of KSA has a negative perception about this profession but support of youth can change the situation. Currently there are no institutes in KSA which can offer training or professional degree for this profession. This factor also lowers down its standard. This situation is different in Asian and European countries where institutes and training centers offer regular training to barbers and teach them latest techniques and advancements regarding hair styling.

Due to less availability of barbers in KSA there are a lot of job opportunities vacant which are normally offered to expats who feel happy to adopt this profession. People need to change their perception and support this profession in order to eliminate the need to hire barbers from other countries. 90 % barbers in KSA are expatriates who are even questioned by natives regarding their nationality and ethnic. There are so many expats who are working as barbers and hair stylings as hobby and enjoyment in KSA.

The normal income range in posh areas of KSA is good enough to earn a comfortable living. Barbers told that they can easily make SR 10,000 to SR 15, 000 a month during peak seasons. Young Saudis are willing to work as barbers and hair dressers in case society changes its perception about this profession. Not only barbers, several other professions are considered as worthless in KSA which are only taken by those who are left with no other option of livelihood.

Dead body washers are also considered as low standard professionals in KSA. Such stigmatized professions have forced Kingdom to hire expats.

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