Monday, October 5, 2015

Why Makkah is treated a Paradise on Earth?

Makkah is the land of the Arabs, most importantly it is the holy city where the House of Allah was built centuries ago for the Muslims to visit and perform pilgrimage in order to please Him. It is generally found that for anyone who visits the city of Makkah, they instantly feel a lot safer than they do at their home country. That’s just the beauty of being so close to their Lord. This time of the year, there is an absolute hustle and bustle in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as thousands of people travel to the Holy city of Makkah, Madina, and Jeddah to perform Hajj.

During the pilgrimage, Muslims from all around the world come together under the same weather conditions; all dressed the same, chanting the same calls, praying together shoulder by shoulder, with no thoughts regarding the cast or creed of the other. Islam brings together people from so many diverse backgrounds, all together for the sole purpose to please Allah. It honestly becomes a part of huge integrity for the people who visit and get the chance to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  As the period of Haj comes to an end and most of the pilgrims are beginning to return back to their homes, whether it be thousands of miles away or not, they all leave the Kingdom with eyes full of tears making promises that if they get the chance they would return back and visit the House of Allah and the Mosque of the Prophet (SAW) once again.  

That is the sensation of dedicated and blind love that immerses in the hearts of the Muslims once they enter the land of the Kingdom. Their love deepens and it becomes more and more difficult for them to return back home. They wish that somehow they could stay there forever, without ever returning home.

According to many pilgrims, Makkah is paradise on earth for them. When they arrived in the Kingdom, they forgot that in certain parts of the world there was a war and dispute going on. One of the pilgrims said that here, all he heard was the calls of prayers while back home he would hear gunshots more than anything else. These pilgrims felt safe here, safer than they might have ever been. Most of the pilgrims only knew how to thank the government of Saudi Arabia for providing them with security that the Kingdom feels like home to them.

An Egyptian pilgrim also emphasized that the atmosphere in the Kingdom during pilgrimage or any other time around the year offers a form of relaxation, both psychologically and spiritually. Just being in the Kingdom makes them feel so much more safe and relaxed that when they return back, they try to take back with them as much of Makkah as they possibly can. This is the city that never sleeps, the only city which has Muslims circling around the Ka’abah day and night, irrespective of time. That is the beauty of Makkah!

Source: Arab News

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