Monday, October 5, 2015

Woman, who threw her Son out of the Makkah Stampede to save his Life – recalls the terror

With the wide stampede that engulfed many of the pilgrims in the holy site of Mina, there was widespread riot and chaos amongst all those there. It became very difficult and close to impossible for people to help them while many of the pilgrims were crushed and died while trying to save themselves. They did not just die but were martyrs and that’s exactly how the world will remember them. Within all of this, there was one particular story of a woman who being caught in the stampede along with her young son, tried whatever she possibly could to save her child despite the fact that she was completely stuck and couldn’t even breath.

The woman, along with her son was trying to make her way out as all of a sudden people lost control. While many were crushed, the mother flung her child up towards a tent. It was reported by an Egyptian Pilgrim family that saved itself from the stampede by climbing up one of the tents that the woman was at a much distance that when we tried to save her we couldn’t reach out to her.  Luckily, the Egyptian pilgrims caught her child as the woman asked her to take care of him. The mother saved her child from being crushed. The young child’s name was Ibrahim and was provided with a clean pair of clothes and something to eat after that. What was incredibly heroic and commendable was the fact that how the woman who couldn’t even breath while being caught up in the stampede, managed to throw her child in order to save him.

The family did run several searches later that day in order to locate either the mother or someone from the child’s family, but there turned out to be a little success. It wasn’t until morning that a man came to them and informed them that he was the child’s uncle. It was confirmed that the relation was real as the child rushed over and hugged the man. It came about into the light that the mother had survived the crush and told the brother of the child’s whereabouts.

The uncle thanked the family for taking care of his nephew and also enlightened them that Ibrahim is recuperating in the hospital. It becomes a matter of immense pride when we come to make ourselves aware of such events that show hospitality and honesty. The family did not know, either the mother or the child, but they did not only tried to save him but also made sure they keep up the promise that they made to the mother as the young boy survived the catch.

The family could have easily disowned the child and carried on with the pilgrimage, but they did not. This gives us the satisfaction that there are people who care and it is always applauded. The mother and both Ibrahim are making a good recovery and hopefully they did complete the remaining rituals of Hajj.

Source: Arab News

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