Monday, November 2, 2015

5 Side Effects of Liposuction on your health and body

Obesity or being overweight is an issue which is affecting the entire world, however in some countries obesity is much more common than the other countries. This issue of obesity is much more prevalent in the more developed countries such as America and now it is becoming more prevalent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well.  People have tried several ways in which they have tried to beat obesity. People have tried various diets, various procedures and various other methods such as fasting to battle the issue of obesity however recently there is another easier way. This method is known as liposuction.

The process of liposuction involved removing excess fat from either a certain part of the body or the entire body through a surgical method. The liposuction surgery can be performed on the face, stomach, neck, back, butt, chest, upper arms, calves, thighs and knees. In order to maintain this surgery of fat loss, the patient on whom this is performed must follow a healthy diet accompanied with a moderate exercise regime. This procedure, although comparatively easy, can also have some extremely serious potential side effects. Now some people might ask what exactly are the risks associated with a liposuction surgery. Well generally liposuction surgeries pose some of the same risks which are associated with any other surgical procedure.

5 Side Effects of Liposuction on your health and body

  1. These side effects could include bruises and swelling. These effects can however diminish and vanish in a time period of two to three months.
  2. Additionally liposuction surgeries can also cause infection and / or blood clots which could lead to further health problems which can sometimes also turn fatal.
  3. The issue of skin numbness after the liposuction surgery arises when patients lose sensitivity in the area of the skin where the surgery has been performed. The numbness of the skin usually fades away in a time period of two to four months. However there have also been cases when people have experienced a permanent numbness in their skin.
  4. Loose skin is also one of the side effects of the liposuction surgery. This happens when the skin of the area on which the surgery has been performed is left hanging or loose. The skin usually regains the firmness over time and by the sixth month it is usually back to the original state without any additional medication. However there are also many cases in which the skin did not become firm again, in this case another surgery has to be performed to remove any excess skin.
  5. Fat Embolism Syndrome is another more serious side effect of the liposuction surgery. Although this is extremely rare, but there is still a chance of getting fat embolism syndrome. This can cause a permanent disability in the patient or even death in some cases. This syndrome occurs when loose fat tissue is clogged in a blood vessel and if it remains untreated this fat may travel to any of the vital organs and can cause severe problems to lungs, brain and our heart.
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