Tuesday, November 17, 2015

9 Years Old Girl Abused and Hospitalized 2nd Time in Jeddah

Rema, a third grade student aged nine years old was a victim who was abused by her own mother two years ago. This news was seen being reported sometime back in the Saudi gazette, that the child was recently abused again.  However, this time her mother was seen to make lame excuses, blaming the domestic worker of abusing and causing burns on her daughter’s body.  The third grade teachers of 91st elementary school in Jeddah where Rema studies, noticed the marks on her body. The teachers took immediate step and took Rema to the maternity and children’s hospital in Al-Aziziah district where the doctors concluded after thorough examination that she was severely abused with burns marks on her body. The doctors contacted the police and the social workers without wasting any more time.

Saleh serhan, who was the head of the protection home at Jeddah’s social affairs directorate immediately, formed a committee to observe the child’s condition and completely investigating the game.  It was decided that once she is recovered, she will be shifted to the social protection home until her case reaches a conclusion after being discussed with her family. Ahmadyah al-ghamdi, who is the supervisor at the protection home, said that both the parents have denied any illegal behaviour. However, the child’s mother was even separated from her father. The mother still stand by’s her decision by saying that the domestic worker abused Rema.

The child was however questioned and she clearly denied about the domestic worker causing her injuries. The case has been handed over to the police. Rema further explained that when she was abused two years ago by her mother, the authorities took part in this case and the mother was asked to swear to never abuse her child again. Al-ghamdi said that strict action will be taken against her mother if it is proved that she has abused her child again in two years.

Rema’s father has however, accused the child’s mother, who was his ex-wife of the abuse and insisted that she has been abused several times in the past as well. The police source has reported that the child’s mother and father are required to submit proper documents to the court of law for questioning so that the final report can be sent to the governorate so that further action can be taken against the criminal.

Any form of childhood abuse experienced can have a severe negative impact on the quality of life of an adult in many different ways. It can even have a severe effect on your mental health, physical health and your relations with people around you. However, according to researchers, with the right guide and help, the victims can live a healthy life that eventually leads to a healthy future. However, Rema was seen to be betrayed by her own mother whose responsibility was to protect and nurture her. Such traumas are seen to affect not only the mind, but body too.

Source: Al Arabiya

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