Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Al Qaryah Al-Najdiya-The Najdi Village Restaurant

Al-Najdiya is a very popular restaurant in Saudi Arabia and anyone who has not visited this should definitely check it out, especially the expats living in the country because this restaurant is the perfect example of Saudi Arabia, its culture, traditions and lifestyle. Not only that, the main thing which is food is also thought to be beyond amazing. This restaurant is located on the Abu Bakr Road, opposite the Prince Sultan University and because of its special mud house exterior, anyone can easily spot this restaurant from the road. The GPS coordinates for this are 24°44’33″N 46°42’17″E. This restaurant has two more branches, one is situated on the Takhasousi Road which has family days on the weekend and singles’ days on the weekdays where as the other branch will now be opening in the Historical Diriyah.

Talking about the beautiful building, it has several intricate details that attract the customers and make the restaurant look like a mini museum. Going to Al-Najdiya seems like going to the old Saudi times. These details depict the true culture of Saudi Arabia. The restaurant has two divisions, one for the singles and the other for the families. The entrance of the men’s section has utensils, colorful attractive doors, Bedouin jewelry and spices. From this entrance, the guests are led to an open courtyard to remind how in the old times, ventilation and light was always passed by the open courtyards. This courtyard is made between the watermills and a dining majlis. The entrance for the family is from the side where they are warmly greeted by waiters wearing the traditional Saudi outfits. Choice is given to the guests to dine either in the open courtyard, tent rooms or private rooms. The majlis rooms are furnished with air conditioners and fireplaces.

There is no concept of seats or sofas here. All the seating is done on the floor cushions with the food being served on straw mats. The tents of Al Najdi are said to be very romantic as they have different lanterns hanging on the ceiling. This popular restaurant is extremely overbooked on the weekends hence it is recommended to make a reservation beforehand.

The food of this restaurant is not only amazing in taste but also worth the price, in fact it is said to be very affordable. Their menu has everything like fresh baked cookies, chicken, soup, salads, various kinds of dips, camel dishes, vegetables, lamb, desert and of course, Arabic tea and coffee with biscuits and dates. A meal for five dishes would approximately cost about a 100 riyals but the serving is huge and filling. This restaurant has the best authentic Saudi food available.

The best here is the Jareesh, Haneeni Mataziz and Marasiya. Their menu has dishes like the Kabsa too. All the meals are served with free bread, coffee and dates and people can eat either the authentic way by hands or by simply using the utensils. Anyone who wants to try authentic Saudi food must try this restaurant at least once in their life!

Source: Blue Abaya

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