Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Big Show was interviewed in Jeddah - What did he say about his Saudi Fans?

Paul Donald Wight Jr. is an American wrestler and actor and is known with his ring name big show. He has been associate with WWE since 1999, before that he had been working with WCW. 43 years old Paul Donald Wight Jr was born in February 8, 1972, he has been working as wrestler since several decades and is known as ‘Big Show’ worldwide.  Here are some facts about his life and personality which he has revealed in an interview;

What was your inspiration behind becoming a world class Wrestler?
I have always been fascinated by strong and giant people even when I was a kid. My passion grew up as I grew up and finally I got into WCE during earlier years of my youth. It was one of the best experiences I had. Life is all about relieving people from stress and entertaining them what I try to do.

Share a short flashback of your career From ‘The Giant’ to ‘Big Show’?
Actually people considered me Son of Andre when I joined WCW, as I was that giant even at the age of 24. I was supposed to be the monster which led people to give me the title of monster. Later when I moved to WWE, my boss tried to create a new recognition for me and gave me a new name Big Show. I was pretty fine with my new recognition and here I am after 17 years of that new identity. It was a wonderful journey from ‘The Giant’ to ‘Big Show’.

Share any of your memorable experience in the ring?
It is really difficult to share as I had multiple experiences in the ring which were just awesome. Mostly I enjoyed the time when I won my championships against Jericho, Kane and Undertaker. Each and every moment which I spent in the ring is memorable for me.

What change in your suggestion wrestling industry should incorporate in order to present a better entertainment zone?
Well it is a really subjective question, but I like the wrestling industry as it is already. It offers protection, medical help and training to wrestlers and offer quality business. Since 17 years I am associated with this company and I am quite satisfied. During initial periods wrestlers had to manage things on their own which changed later and now our company shows concern for out problems. Life is fine here and I am satisfied with policies and procedures implemented by WWE. Yeah but there is one thing which I really want to change i.e. I wish I could go back 20 years back and start my passion once again with new energy and enthusiasm (Laughs)

Who is your inspiration in this field?
I have really been inspired by Arn Anderson who was member of 4 horsemen along with Ole Anderson, Ric Flair and some others.

Few words for Your Saudi Fans?
It was an amazing experience to visit KSA and showing my expertise here. People seem excited seeing a 7 feet 4 inches Big Show which makes me feel happy.

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