Sunday, November 1, 2015

Doctor caught red handedly by Police for doing Illegal Abortion in Saudi Arabia

Abortion is probably one of the most disputed issues in the entire world. This is not an issue which is found only in the more conservative or in Muslim countries but all over the world, even in the most liberal of places. Even if your country has made it legal for you to have an abortion, the society or the people in your country may still not be willing to accept abortions, or even if they do, it will be kept under the covers, and will most probably be the elephant in the room for anyone who has had an abortion.

This uncertainty of acceptance of abortions has left the doctors who are skilled in performing these operations in a troubled situation. In some places the law is pretty clear cut, yes or no to abortion, however there are certain places with undefined laws and regulations. If any doctor is involved in performing abortions in any part of the world, they must ensure whether it is completely legal, illegal or a gray area in the law. If it is anything but legal, it is advisable not to perform abortions in that country. If you are caught you can face severe backlash and anger from not only the local authorities but also from the local people.

One such story has emerged from Makkah, where the Makkah police had arrested a doctor who was involved in performing abortions. The man is said to be of Arab descent and was allegedly a doctor aged somewhere in his 20’s and had been performing these abortions illegally. The spokesman for the Makkah Police, Colonel Aatie Bin Attia Al Qurashi stated in his talks to the media that the Makkah police had received prior information about the activities which the man had been involved in.

In accordance with the report made by Sabq News, the Makkah Police had conducted an operation and moved in to capture the man after his movements had been monitored for some time. The Makkah Police were successful in the operation as the man was caught red handed while performing an illegal abortion. A file has been opened for an investigation against the illegal activities of the man. The case will be subsequently transferred on over to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution.

All around the world, in every country, there are people involved in doing things which may be illegal or unethical, however in the case of an abortion; many consider it equal to murder, since you are literally taking away the life inside the womb of another woman. If people want to get abortions they can easily get them from countries which allow abortions without any legal repercussions. As for the doctors who are involved in performing abortions illegally in countries where it is not allowed, it is better for them to go and offer their services in countries that allow abortions to be performed. I cannot be the one to judge whether one should or should not get an abortion.

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