Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Girl Kidnapped: SR 1 million reward offered to the one who provide information

Kidnapping is something which has affected the entire world for ages. Sometimes people kidnap kids in order to receive a huge ransom for their release. There is truly no worse testing time for the parents of any child to go through than to be forced away from their child. A reward of SAR 1 million is now being offered to anybody who can provide any sort of information which may lead to the exact whereabouts of a girl, aged two, who had been kidnapped in the city of a Riyadh. The child named Juri Al Khaldi had been kidnapped from inside of a clinic which was located on one of Riyadh’s busiest roads, Khurais Road on Friday in the afternoon.

The kidnapping incident took place when the father of the child, left the child alone at the clinic so that he could go to a shop nearby to buy something. The mother of the child was being treated in the clinic, while the child waited in the waiting area. In accordance to a female employee who was working in the clinic at the time the incident took place, an unknown man had come into the clinic and then proceeded to play with the girl for a little time. After playing with the girl, the unknown man walked out of the clinic with the girl. Initially the female employee at the clinic had thought that the unknown man was a relative of the child.

However the female employee still felt a hint of suspicion on the matter and proceeded to follow them outside of the clinic, however she was not able to identify which vehicle the unknown man and the child had gotten into. A little while later, the father of the child reached the clinic and found his daughter to be missing from the clinic waiting area.  If anybody has any sort of information about the missing child it is asked that you contact on these numbers immediately;

·         0550878788
·         0551294982
·         0556474399

Children are the most precious possessions of any parent, regardless of their religion, creed or caste. There is nothing more previous to a parent than every day they spend with their children. A parent truly cherishes every memory of the childhood period of their children. Now we all know what I have just written above, right? There is nothing new there. Keeping that in mind we can truly understand how painful it can be for a parent to lose their child. Everything the parents build towards is only for their children and their future.

I request all my readers to please pray for the speedy recovery of the young child and pray for the family to have patience and the ability to bear this situation that they are currently in.
We all could face it one day, this issue is respective of religion, race, creed or caste, as the love a parent has for their child, has no boundaries and no boundaries.

Source: Arab News

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