Friday, November 20, 2015

Hajj Exhibition in Paris – Kaba Kiswa and other antiques on display

The hajj exhibition begins at Paris, show casing beautiful historical segments representing Islamic history. All the pieces are collected together on a forum to provide visitors a detailed knowledge of Hajj which constitutes the major part of the five pillars of Islam. Acceding to the local media sources, the show will continue for the span of three months aiming to expand the visitor’s horizon of knowledge about Hajj and other important rituals related to it. Kaaba‘ Kiswa being the center of attention of every visitor’s eye is kept in the main center of the exhibition area.

This exhibition was initiated by King Abdul Aziz Library and The Arab World Institute in Paris. In collaboration with French President Francois Hollande the exhibition took place on Tuesday. The French president was called in the inaugural ceremony where he marks the official opening of the gallery while cutting the ribbon. The president then toured the gallery displaying the rare well preserved artifacts together with 53 from Saudi Arabia. Everyone who wants a closer view of the Hajj pilgrimage should visit this display showcasing one of the best art crafts and historical pieces ever. The pieces at the gallery are so well managed and arranged in a proper chorological order making it easier for the visitors to understands all the major events associated with Hajj.

The exhibition includes significant pieces including a Seetanah, which covers the door of the Kaaba, as well as other historic and contemporary art crafts from key museums in the Middle East. Other than Saudi Arabia, there were many objects from various public collections from all around the world. The documentaries displayed at the exhibition highlights the key events and the long journeys that are associated with the pilgrimage. The wide variety of Hajj souvenirs were also displayed including manuscripts, textiles. Historical photographs, archaeological and very rare pieces of contemporary art.

According to a Muslim visitor at the exhibition, “This step to highlight the Islamic values and rituals of hajj is an extremely a wonderful idea. You can easily bring your kids here and explain them the rituals associated with Hajj by showing them the historical features that constitutes the major part of the pilgrimage. The gallery has plenty of images and historical aircrafts collaborated together to produce a beautiful picture of Islamic history.

The embroidered black cloth which covers the Kaaba’s door, known as KISWA is also being displayed at the exhibition. In words of the French president Hollande ,”This exhibition is the first of its kind in France, Needless to reveal the fact that this platform is  a very strong ground through which we can share Islamic history  all around the world. This place is exhibiting more than 200 rare art crafts and pieces that are just a mere part of past and are not found in the modern world today. Historical pieces are brought here not only from Saudi Arabia but from different part of the world. The first Hajj exhibition was organized in London two years ago.

Source: Al Arabiya

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