Tuesday, 3 November 2015

How I got on Arrival Visa for my newly born Baby through Bahrain Causeway - Experience

I have already shared some experiences and procedure to get on arrival visa for the newly born baby to Saudi Arabia. You can read into the experience already shared by one of our readers in this link “Bringing Newly Born Baby on Arrival Visa to Saudi Arabia”. However, in this experience writer explains about the procedure to get on arrival visa from Bahrain Causeway. Today, one another reader Mr. SSK has shared his experience of getting on arrival visa for newly born baby through Bahrain Causeway.

SSK: Finally ALHAMDULILLAH I was able to bring my 19 days old baby from USA to Bahrain and then through causeway from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia on 19th October. When Bahrain immigration officer was stamping my passport on causeway, he objected that I need a visa for baby on his passport to take him to Saudi Arabia. I told him about on arrival visa but he said he never heard of that. I requested him to stamp all passports and let me go. When I reached Saudi immigration, I told them about my newborn baby.

The officer sitting inside the window also didn't know about on arrival visa but he contacted his senior who told him to send us to JAWAZAAT. When we reached there, again the officer sitting over there didn't know about that but his senior told him that on arrival visa is possible for baby. He asked us to wait for his senior who came almost after 45 mins. He wrote the border number on my son's passport, took copies but he took my son's original birth certificate. I requested for the photocopy but he told me that original birth certificate is necessary so I had to give him as I have two other duplicate copies of my son's birth certificate. That's how my baby entered in Saudi Arabia on arrival visa through causeway.

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