Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How to avoid the next Paris Attacks?

It is in no way a secret anymore that the so called Daesh or the ISIS has been grown and cultivated in the darkness of Iraq under the occupation of the United States. It is also true that Abu Musab Al Zaraqawi, A Jordanian and also several other generals belonging to the infamous Saddam regime who had been very conveniently spared by the United States forces had facilitated the establishment and rise of the militant force the world knows today as ISIS. On the other hand there is Syria, right next door, where the people were revolting against the tyrant rule of the Al Assad regime which provided the ideal atmosphere to attract the restless, young individuals from around the world.

Even Barack Obama, the president of the United States had acknowledged the pivotal role which the invasion and complete destruction of Iraq had played in the formation of this radical Daesh group and also attracting young people of all religions, not only Muslims. I don’t know if you can see it yet, but there is an evident method behind the madness engulfing the Middle Eastern region of the world. A global war cannot be fought against an evil such as ISIS, without truly understanding how this evil is bred.

There will never ever be global peace as long as the Middle Eastern region and the birthplace of civilization will remain unstable. The most important question we have to ask ourselves is that the Palestinians are being persecuted, imprisoned and executed in their own homes, in their own land, by a foreign occupying group which has laid claim to the so called “ promised land “. Another important question is that why is it the superpower America, who seems it fit to deliver freedom to any country they feel is being oppressed, has failed to deliver freedom to the people of Palestine from the Zionist Israeli forces.

If even a tiny percentage of the energy and time we have spent on this so called puppet war on terrorism, which is again killing the majority of the civilian population and not terror groups as such, on actually identifying the causes and scenarios which are actually allowing them to breed rather than be killed off, then the world would be a much better and peaceful place. Currently this war is being fought with a smear campaign against the Muslims all over the world. An honest adjustment is needed for this operation to become effective and efficient from all angles.

Most importantly, this war on terror cannot succeed by only targeting the Muslim population while the rest of the people involved in these atrocities, are left untouched. The western world has to work hand in hand with the Muslims and the Islamic world.  The Muslims who the west targets in their media campaigns and retaliatory attacks are the same people who bear the most brunt of the blow from the numerous terror acts carried out in their countries. Muslims have suffered the most from terrorism.

Source: Arab News

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