Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How to tackle your Husband who laid claim over your Salary being legal guardian?

The husband‘s claim over wives’ salary is becoming a common issue in Arab World. Reaching the end of the month, every working woman is reported to have a quarrel with the husband leading to major dispute between the spouses. Despite of working so hard and maintaining the good house, Soad Salman a teacher at the local school suffers from major stress and tension at the end of every month. The reason for her fear is the fight that evolves on the salary distribution between her husbands. She finds it really hard to tackle the situation without causing minimal loss to both parties. And like always her back breaking efforts to minimize the dispute went down straighten the drain.

It’s not Soad who is facing this dilemma of unsettled quarrels and arguments over the issue of salary distribution. Like her majority of the working women in the Arabs country are facing this awkward situation when the month is about to end. Her employment has become a significant problem which gives birth to issues that affects her family life. According to research, such disputes among spouses are the main reason of increased number of divorces. Many of the couples end up in filing cases in the courts too. The long intervals of breaks assigned by court cases add more to the problems for the cases applicants.

Husbands speaking of their rights justify their role as not allowing their wives to go for work, under their  title as the authoritative guardians, on the other hands wives deem of themselves as independent souls  having exclusive right over their salaries. A nurse, Fouziyah Aqeel working in a local hospital said that she settled down this issue with her husband before getting married to him. She added if such issues are solved with mutual understanding there are lesser chances of major disputes in future.

She now has been married for 5 years and her husband and he has never been dependent on her for any kind financial aid. But being a partner she is always there to help him if he is unable to cope with situations which requires monetary help. Yasmin Ali said, it’s usually the mindset of the fathers, husbands and brothers who really want to enjoy the lion’s share in the salary as they consider it as their legal right. She added many wives are bound to divide their salaries between the husbands and fathers.

Moreover, the wife cannot refuse her husband   as she fears the fact that her husband will not allow her to work. Sultan Al –Harthy a legal consultant and a lawyer said, “Many disputes end up in disunion between the partners. Usually it’s the wife who loses trust over their husbands”. He further notifies that the husband is responsible for fulfilling every need of the wife and his children and he has nothing to do with her wife’s salary. Social researcher Hafsa Sohail witnesses many cases where wives are facing this gruesome situation.

Source: Al Arabiya

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