Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lucky Mother performs Hajj accompanied by her 8 Sons

In this century, when no one really cares about the other, whether it’s a blood relation or a close one, we have witnessed a mother of eight sons who was extremely lucky to have performed hajj by their help. Their mother always dreamt to perform hajj and her wish was finally fulfilled by the great effort of her sons. All eight of them earned day and night to make their mother’s dream come true.  It was no less than a competition for all the eight sons to see who takes better care of their 70 years old mother to help her perform hajj in the most comfortable way as possible.

They were seen to literally fight with each other as each and every one wanted to take the rights of performing hajj on her behalf. They simply wanted to win her love and satisfaction and could go to any extent to make her perform hajj.Their story is undoubtedly an excellent example of such obedient children that is rarely seen nowadays.  The youngest son finally gave a solution that was accepted by all. He suggested in taking turns every day. Every day two of them pushed her wheelchair and took care of her needs and fulfilled her requirements. This was a perfect chance and gave every son an opportunity to please their mom by fulfilling her lifetime wish of performing hajj.

The eldest son, told the Saudi magazine on 5th October 2014, that they had been saving money for their mother for the past twenty years to go to Makah and perform hajj with her and are really happy that they have finally succeeded. Their clean heart and the respect they have been seen to be given to their mother should be appreciated by all since it has a lot of significance in not only Islam, but religions all across the globe. Whatever we do for our mothers, we can never go to the point that will make us realize the hardships that our mothers experience in their lives.

Hajj is one of the most important pillars of Islam. There are around millions and billions of people in number that perform hajj each year. As a Muslim, we have been always taught to respect our parents our entire lives. Having children who not only respect their parents when young but respects even more when they are old is no less than a blessing. Respect of parents should not only be taken as a worldly affair, but as a religious duty too. A lot of emphasis has been laid by almighty Allah and his holy prophet on obeying and pleasing our parents. Pleasing your parents will not only give you respect in this world, but will also serve you well in the hereafter.

Since a mother endures greater hardships and sacrifices more than the father, she deserves more love, obedience and submission from children. The devotion of a mother is life-long.

Source: Al Arabiya

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