Friday, November 13, 2015

Moroccan Housemaids and their Fantasy Demands

We as people are becoming more dependent on other people or sources in order to ease off our work. One of the most crucial part of the daily lives of those who can afford the added cost, are housemaids. These housemaids are known as several names such as maids, domestic help etc. Middle class and all classes above that in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, usually have a minimum of 1 housemaid working in their homes. I say a minimum of 1 because I have personally seen houses where the number of housemaids would be equal to if not cross the number of family members that they have been hired to serve.

With the high demand in housemaids in the Middle East, especially from neighboring or nearby countries such as Morocco, there are also a high amount of fees and payments which must be made in order to hire a housemaid. I would not be wrong in saying that most of the housemaids working in the Kingdom are expatriates which makes hiring them even more expensive with travelling costs, visa costs and other official costs. In relative terms, hiring housemaids from Morocco is cheaper than the other countries; however Moroccan workers usually make astounding demands from their prospective or current employers. The news was initially stated by the Al Watan Newspaper in accordance with industry sources.

An unnamed source had stated that the recruiting of a Moroccan housemaid costs around SAR 10,000 which is cheaper than other countries and the recruitment offices in charge of these services can have the housemaids delivered in a 2 month time period. He stated that the housemaids usually work for SAR 1500 to SAR 2500 per month, however most of them have reportedly asked for a more luxurious working environment which even Saudi households cannot afford. The housemaids in the Saudi households, regardless of nationality usually end up sharing their rooms with other maids, however in the case of Moroccan housemaids, they demand separate rooms which are also newly furnished in order to protect their privacy. Additionally the housemaids also demand for a television with satellite and also a computer or laptop with an internet connection.

Another habit of the Moroccan housemaids is that they soon also demand a smartphone from their employer, where as they are not willing to work more than 8 hours a day for 6 days a week and demand that they be allowed to go wherever they want to on their weekly day off. The work visas for housemaids from morocco are not available through the Musaned program of the Labor Ministry however the Saudis can recruit Moroccan maids by visiting the offices of the Interior Ministry’s recruitment affairs.

There are some countries around the world which refuse to send the female workers to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as housemaids. It is due to this too that the Moroccan housemaids are seen as the only viable option. The demands of the workers however have made them one of the costliest.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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