Monday, November 30, 2015

Mother refuses to forgive Daughter even after Daughter’s Death

Mother of a girl refuses forgiveness even after daughter’s death. A Saudi lady upset by her daughter’s love marriage to an older man refuses to forgive her daughter as she takes her last breaths. The woman did not agree to attend the funeral of the daughter and condemned her. She was angry with the daughter as her daughter went against her will and did not marry the person her mother had selected for her. She very clearly rejected the idea of forgiving her daughter.

The woman refused to visit her husband’s house where the funeral has to take place. The woman seems disturbed and despite of many tries by the husband to convinced her to bid her daughter a last farewell went down the drain. The mourners were left with no option therefore they carried the death body to the deceased mother’s place. A large number of mourners including relatives, friends and neighbor gather around to attend the funeral. Many mourners also attempted to convince the mother as the coffin of the dead daughter was taken to mother’s house.

According to an eye witness present at the funeral, “It was indeed a painful experience to see a mother being so unresponsive to her daughter. She in her anger cursed the dead daughter in bad words.” As reported by Okaz daily, the mother has a dispute earlier already when the daughter decided to marry an old man against the will of her mother. The mother refused to accept the decision taken by her daughter. The mother had already warned the daughter that if she will go against her mother’s will she will have to cut off all sort of relations with the family, her husband added. Although the daughter after getting married to the older man tried many times to reconcile with her mother.

The newspaper mentioned that the death daughter was suffering from serious cancer after bearing many children. But the age of the dead woman is not revealed. Traditionally, the woman in Saudi Arabia are expected and obliged to get married according to parent’s will and consent. But according to the latest research there is an increase in the number of love marriages as the trend is changing. Education plays a vital role in changing women’s perspective about marriages and giving them enough confidence to decide and choose the right man for themselves.

On the other hand parents don’t want their daughters to go against their will. They expect their daughters to accept and give due respect to decisions taken by parents. Majority of the conservative families residing in Saudi Arabia condemn daughter’s decision making in choosing the right man for her. Even if the parents permit the daughter to carry out a love marriage the relatives threaten the parents that they will cut off relation with them. Although in many conservative families the girl only gets the chance of seeing her husband after the wedding. But ultimately, the women are becoming self-aware of their rights related to institution of marriage.

Source: Arab News

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