Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Application to count number of Tawafs Rounds during Hajj and Umrah

In these developing and evolving times, science is growing at its peak. Brilliant minds all over the world are working day and night to bring about any scientific breakthrough which may ease the daily lives of the people or help them get rid of some of the problems they might be facing. With all the development and innovation in the field of science, it is not surprising that religion is taking the help of science and technology to help them perform certain rituals or complete some pre-requisites.  Many people around the world argue that science and religion do not intermix but rather clash, however Islam has proven time and time again that whatever teachings Islam gives us is on par with the latest scientific knowledge.

In these modern times there is literally an application for everything. These Apps aid human beings in their day to day lives or in performing specific, important functions with ease. One such instance has emerged from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where some university students have developed one such app which will help out a huge number of Muslims. The Umm Al Qura University, which is one of the most prestigious Universities in the Kingdom, has developed and subsequently launched a new application which has been designed to assist the pilgrims in counting their Tawaf or rounds of circumambulation during both the major and minor pilgrimage, also known as Umrah and Hajj. Each year millions of pilgrims from all over the world make their way to the Kingdom for pilgrimage and his application will be a huge help to them all.

The application which has been named “Tawaf” can be downloaded on to the smartphones of the pilgrims. The app counts the total number of times the respective pilgrim has complete around the Holy Kaaba. When the pilgrim has completed all 7 of their circumambulation rounds, the Tawaf app will promptly alert the pilgrim that they have completed the Tawaf.

The Tawaf application has an additional option which allows the app to send all the collected information in relation to the movement of pilgrims to servers which will be located at the Central Technical Innovation at the Umm Al Qura University. The data which is collected with the help of the Tawaf app can be used later to study the traffic and flow of the Tawaf and subsequently this information will be able to provide the statistics for peak timing

In accordance to the deputy Manager at the Central Technical Innovation at the Umm Al Qura University, Dr, Saleh Bislamah, this application will make use of the GPS technology alongside the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi option. The app will detect the movement of the pilgrim around the Holy Kaaba. Dr. Saleh Bislamah also gave an explanation of the application and stated that the App is a product of the HajjSense project being conducted at the Technical Innovation Center for Geographic Information. This project has been developed to collect all the relevant information in order to provide a better service to the pilgrims

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