Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pakistani Expat blackmailed, tried to escape on fake passport, held by Police

My Cousin Shahroz Tahir is currently in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and has been working for his Kafeel (Sponsor) for the past 2 - 2.5 years. About a year ago Shahroz was falsely accused by his Kafeel (Sponsor) for some made up case which led to Shahroz briefly going to jail and then released all on the directions of the Kafeel (Sponsor). Since then his Kafeel (Sponsor) has been using this situation to blackmail Shahroz. Over the past year other than basic food expenses; he has not received any salary. Any attempt to correct the situation by Shahroz would result in his Kafeel (Sponsor) psychologically abusing and threating him of life imprisonment or even a death sentence.

This Eid however Shahroz forcefully requested his Kafeel (Sponsor) to allow him to go back to Pakistan. Unfortunately due to Shahroz's young age and nativity his kaheel asked Shahroz to sign a few blank papers in exchange for letting him go to Pakistan. Shahroz already in an unbalanced state of mind agreed and once his Kafeel (Sponsor) got Shahroz's signatures he used his influence and handed Shahroz over to a local police station (Location Al-Amir Sultan St. Al-Zahraa Dist. Jeddah. In exchange for 30,000 Saudi Riyal which we provided; his Kafeel (Sponsor) agreed to release him but since then Shahroz's Kafeel (Sponsor) has continued to ask for varying sums of money and was still holding Shahroz to ransom.

Seeing that his Kafeel (Sponsor) had no real intention of letting him come back home Shahroz started to look for alternate options. In the process he was introduced to a Pakistani living in Jeddah who promised to put him on a plane to Pakistan with proper documentation [a new passport] interchange for money. Unfortunately we were later shocked to get news that Shahroz was arrested at the airport. According to the person this whole process was legal and was being managed through the Pakistan Embassy Jeddah. But actually he lied and he tried to made him travel on someone else's passport. Now it has been 22 days Shahroz is in prison what we got to know is investigation is going on. I humbly request for your assistance on this matter. We are helpless her as Shahroz doesn't have any family in Jeddah and has been dealing with this crisis all alone.

Answer by Steve: I am really shocked and sad to know about all this. I am shocked to know about the stupid decisions made by Shahroz and everyone who was involved in it. Now, the situation has been aggravated. It should have been dealt with police and court initially. You became victim of blackmailing; you should have reported it to police at that time. If Shahroz was innocent, he would have got an easier exit from Saudi Arabia. Now, Shahroz is responsible for falsifying legal documents like Passport visa etc. It is a favor from Saudi Police that they are not keeping him in Jail. If he is in detention center, he will be deported soon.

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