Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pen of Saudi King made Young Boy a Celebrity

Mummy, where was I when God was creating a special slot of such luckiest kids like Faisal and Ahmed!!! How badly I wish now I was in his place. Sigh! NOT all wishes come true. And, not everyone is born THIS LUCKY. What a proud moment for the Kid’s parents it must be, bringing fame and money to the family. Here I am, bringing nothing to my family, such an Apathetic Personality born with no use.  King was generous, very generous infect. Dear King, can we be of some use to you as well and be gifted with some diamonds and jewels. Aaah! How we all silently envy Faisal the luckiest kid of Abdul Rahman bin Nasser Bin Hasher Al-Ghamdi.

Not even Einstien or Wallace brothers, the inventors of aeroplane, were born this lucky. Fly in the sky, present a ball to King. And here you go!!! With fame and Rolex watches worth SR 55,000!!! Plus a royal Pen gifted by the King on his own!!! Wow!! I mean Einstien had to make up a gravity law and use his some extra percent of brains to gain golden shines of name in history. The world still remembers him. But, Einstien bro, will you not want to be born with luck like FAISAL I am sure! His answer would have been a Yes!!  Wallace brothers, why did you invent an aero plane? When faisal could be hung in midair and had been awarded with so much, don’t you think you guys wasted your time!!

Ladies, I hope we won't forget these names, Fasial and Ahmed. Don't forget these names. The faces are alike though. So yeah, anyone of the two would just be enough to keep you happy for the entire life. The handsome young Lads, well-educated, with fluent English, French and Spanish. Having a sporty body running over the soccer field, ice skating , horse riding And abundance of money!!! I mean. What a jack pot these two brothers are!!! Well. Well. We all got to try our lucks!!! What say beauties!!!

If only, could Sir Ghamdi, agreed for the selling of THE ROYAL PEN. The prices could have skyed up beyond the mathematical figures of trillions and zillions. Good decision Sir Ghamdi!!! After all, who gives away their LUCKY CHARM to anyone. I think, Banks are safe. Good idea, Sir Ghamdi! Parents don't make bussiness out of their kid's achievements. Ofcourse!!

How we all wanted to have a glimpse of this golden lucked boy!!  If I would ever run into him. I am going to take him back to his home. Ask him to get the ROYAL PEN and the ROLEX WATCHE and take a picture with him!!!  I need to make sure my kids are born on SEPTEMBER 17th. The special date. The luckiest date. So, that I can volunteer them too In presenting a crystal ball to King. Don't we all want our kids on September the 17th!!!

Source: Al Arabiya

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