Monday, November 16, 2015

Permanent Ban is expected on Free Net Based Phone Services in Saudi Arabia

The entire world is connected nowadays. Through the help of various means such as social media or free Internet chat or messenger services such as Whatsapp, Viber etc. people rarely use the telecommunication services provided by their telecom service provider to contact others unless it is absolutely necessary and they have no other choice. In today’s modern world, entire businesses are being run on these free Internet based services allowing business startups to keep costs low.

This may be of great help to the people, especially those who have friends and family living in different cities or countries and these services do allow people to keep in touch with loved ones more than they would normally do without such convenient solutions. However this is not at all liked by the telecom giants to lose a huge amount of income because of these free Internet based services. The telecommunication companies that are currently operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are planning on forming an alliance in order to prevent the people from using any free Internet telephone service in order to increase the annual revenue collected from phone calls made domestically and internationally. The report was initially made by the Al Watan Arabic Daily.

Al Watan Arabic Daily stated that these major telecom companies operating in Saudi Arabia have planned to put a stop on these internet based services within weeks in order to raise the revenue. Close sources stated that the companies can not under any circumstances close these services without informing or warning those users who benefit from such a service. Dr. Ibrahim Zamzami, A lawyer in the Kingdom has strongly opposed this move stating that these telecom companies must meet all expectations of the customers. The international telecom market is now open to the people at no cost and these companies cannot make billions from revenue by having a monopoly on these services. In order to curb the use of these services, telecom companies have to be innovative and most essentially reduce prices to attract customers.

The telecom companies should be taking into consideration their customer’s financial strength while setting up their marketing policies in order to attract the most number of clients. An important marketing strategy needs to be in place in order to attract the desired higher profits by the telecom companies. A huge number of online citizens from around the Kingdom, expressed grave concerns over the possible ban of these free Internet based services which have helped connect millions of people around the world. These smart phone Apps help people stay in touch with friends and family.

In accordance to the Al Watan daily, around 900 million people use the       Whatsapp App around the world, while 750 million use Messenger, 115 million people use Line and 160 million people use Tango to communicate with their family and friends for free, regardless wherever they might be around the world.

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