Friday, November 6, 2015

Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) – The Friend of Allah – Many of his Sunnahs Muslims follow in Islam

One doesn’t have to think much about who Prophet Ibrahim is. He is a legend that is followed and accepted by all three religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Prophet Ibrahim is remembered for many things, amongst the most important is how much the Muslims remember him during prayers and while performing Hajj in the Holy city of Makkah each and every year. The Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was amongst the five most prominent prophets, along with Musa (AS), Nuh (AS), Isa (AS), Daud (AS) and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). They all were the runners of Islam and dedicated their entire lives for people to accept the One and Only God.

The efforts put in by Prophet Ibrahim (AS) have always remained unmatched. Within the Quran, there have been a lot of names attributed to him out of which the most prominent is “Allah’s friend”. Since Prophet Ibrahim was a young boy, he had always wondered about nature and the universe as to who was actually running it all. He lived in a Kingdom led by people who worshipped idols made of stones and wood and thought gods were the stars, the sun and the moon. He had his answers and wanted his father to follow the faith he chose for himself, the faith of worshipping Allah. He was greatly ignored by not only his father (or uncle) but also the rest of the people.

One day, he devised a clever plan to make these people wonder who the true God was. During a ceremony, the city was vacant and he smashed all the idols with his axe leaving the biggest one unharmed. When the people returned, it became obvious to them that Ibrahim was behind it all. Prophet Ibrahim asked the people to ask the biggest idol as who was responsible. They all said that he can’t talk or move, figuring Ibrahim’s intelligence. Despite the obvious loss, the people did not accept him and decided to through him into a large fire with flames that reached the sky. As he was catapulted into the fire by the chief priest, he remained firm in his faith. Allah made the fire a cool bed for the Prophet to sit upon. That’s when many accepted Islam openly and others secretively.

Apart from this, there have been numerous incidents and events that we as Muslims must always remember especially when we bid farewell to the month of Zul-Hajj. Prophet Ibrahim and his wife Sarah grew old but were deprived of a child. That’s when Sarah offered a slave girl by the name of Hajar to the prophet for marriage so she may bear his child. That is when Prophet Ismail was born.

Hajar’s run between the hills of Safa and Marwa are remembered every year and followed by millions during Haj. It was the faith of Ibrahim and his wives, especially Sarah who celebrated her pregnancy after fourteen years from Ismail’s birth. Prophet Ibrahim is the father of the messengers and he should always be remembered.

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