Monday, November 16, 2015

Roman Catholic converted to Islam and performed Hajj as a guest of King Salman

Humans are said to be God’s best and blessed Creation. The reason behind it is that they have been given the ability to think and differentiate the right and wrong. Man has been given knowledge and the power to choose his own destiny based upon that very knowledge. That is one of the basic principles of Islam. When one is a part of this religion, he begins to see life from a whole new perspective and all that he has ever studied or learnt throughout his life begins to make sense and express meaning. Islam is one the largest accepted religion, despite the fact that it is always misinterpreted by the media and the masses of other religions.

Such was the perception of a Roman Catholic from Manila, Jeffrey Perida. Perida was a Filipino who had always hoped to become a priest, a successful preacher. That is how he had planned out his life. Never had he even thought that he would enter the fold of Islam, as he always feared it because of what the media and his Jewish teacher had told him about it and the Prophet (SAW). Now, Perida is the same man who performed Hajj this year as a guest of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman. According to the Filipino, he was deeply following Judeo-Christianity. He was brought up in a Roman Catholic Family and it was his mission to become a part of those religion teachings and prayers.

Later on, Perida switched to Judeo-Christianity along with his family and became a leader of the movement. Within this period, he travelled to the United States of America to learn English where he met a Saudi Student, Muhammadi. Through him, Perida learned a lot about Islam. Muhammadi tried to send him video clips of Quranic verses and other Islamic videos, which Perida feared of watching. He did not like lying to his friend, so he began watching them and somehow all his misconceptions drowned away. After he returned to Manila, Perida saw a dream where he was circulating the Holy Ka’abah along with his friend Muhammadi. Also, he recalls telling that he walked inside a huge mosque where he reached out to Muhammadi and he saw a glittering divine light from the sky that embraced him.

Perida didn’t accept the dream then, but the images kept playing through his mind until he finally decided to tell Muhammadi through Whatsapp. That is when he understood what his dream meant. Perida entered the fold of Islam as the dream became the guide for him to come close to the One and Only, Allah. With this, all that can be said is how unpredictable life is. One cannot ever expect for their future to plan out the way they had always hoped for it to. Perida pronounced the Shahadat on the first of August 2014 and now is a Muslim, who offered Hajj this particular year and he has never been happier!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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