Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saudi Arabia, best place to spend Halal Holidays

In accordance to a recent survey which was conducted, a huge percentage of people who are interested in the concept of halal holidays have usually associated the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with this seemingly new concept. However when these same people were asked as to the country in which they would prefer to see development on the concept of the Halal Holidays and Halal Holiday destinations, the biggest portion of respondents chose the United Arab Emirates (16 %) while the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only received about 10 % of the votes from the respondents.

Even though there is an evident low awareness on the topic or concept of halal holiday, which is expected to be only about 29 percent across the South Asian, Middle East and North African region, when the respondents were asked, around 75 percent of them responded that their leisure destinations foreign or local must offer a halal holiday. Around 51 percent of the total respondents claimed it to be extremely important to have the halal holiday concept materialize. This survey was produced by YouGov’s annual Travel Oracle which had conducted interviews of 22,868 respondents via an online platform. These respondents were from the South Asian, North African and Middle Eastern regions of the world.

Additionally the survey has also shown that more than 75 percent of those respondents, who were not interested in the concept of halal holidays initially, stated that they would indeed pay more for a holiday based on the halal holiday concept rather than any standard holiday which has no accommodation for religious considerations. The residents of Yemen were those who were willing to pay the most (81 percent) which was followed by Pakistan and Algeria (both at 80 percent) and then Sudan (79 percent)

The concept of Halal Tourism has been geared towards the Muslim families in those places or tourist destinations that offer holidays in accordance with the practices and Islamic belief. In accordance to the YouGov Travel Oracle out of the 29 percent of all the respondents who had some awareness or knowledge of the halal tourism concept, the Tunisian respondents were most aware (54 percent) where as Iraqi respondents were least aware (15 %).

This new concept and the popularity that it has gained amongst those populations which are more or less unaware of this concept leaves the market untapped for those travel destinations which accommodate Islamic beliefs. Scott Booth, the Director of YouGov’s Travel and Tourism Research, stated that with such a huge portion of the sample showing a liking towards the concept of halal tourism and only around a quarter of them were aware of it is demonstrating the immense amount of untapped potential of the holidays which are focused and tailored in accordance to the religious focus
He added that many respondents see the United Arab Emirates as a number 1 choice for the halal holidays and a major portion of these respondents were willing to even pay more for such an experience.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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