Sunday, November 15, 2015

Saudi Groom calls on Civil Defence to rescue him on his Wedding Night

Civil defence was called by an anxious Saudi groom to help him carry out his wedding celebrations since the power supply was cut off because of the strong sand storm that hit severely and cut down the power supply.  He did not wanted to waste any more of his long awaited day that seemed to be at jeopardy. He almost lost his mind and had no option but to try taking a chance by calling the civil defence forces.  The spokesman of Riyadh civil defence forces said that the forces were seen to respond immediately and were successful in restoring power using the huge generators for three hours. The generators were brought within a few hours on big vehicles that passed the wedding night with ease.

The Saudi groom was anxiously waiting and was literally counting on the days for his big day to come when suddenly a huge sand storm stopped his heart for that particular time being, making all his dreams break into pieces. The storm was seen to hit a lot of areas of the Saudi capital and was so huge that it cut the power supply in most of the areas. Since there was a major breakdown, there was absolutely no hope for the problem to get fixed on time. It was darkness everywhere and nobody had any solution to solve it. It was not only the groom who was upset, but the bride was very frustrated, thinking about going back home all dressed up in her bridal outfit. However, the Saudi groom took a deep sigh of relief once he was confirmed that the civil defence forces were coming to solve his major problem.

However, the entire credit goes to the civil defence personals for saving the Saudi groom’s big day. Saudi Arabia has one of the biggest and highly trained civil defence officers who are seen to be working day and night in order to save the civilians from any sort of serious situation that may arise. The Saudi groom’s wedding day could have gone in jeopardy if civil defence would not have step in. however, since it is a saying that all is well that ends well best describes this entire situation, where whatever the beginning was, the ending was perfect and will always be remembered by the bride and groom.

Civil defence forces in Saudi Arabia are seen to be helping people from any side of the country, regardless of the cast, creed or religion. They have been found helping people in every situation, whether it is an earthquake, storm, heavy rainfall or any other natural disasters that leave the civilians completely helpless.

There are even one of the best forces in organizing public utilities for the protection of natural wealth during the time of war, peace and any other emergency situations. Other than that, they even train the volunteers to carry out the acts of civil defence.

Source: AL Arabiya

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