Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saudi scholar advises sex abusers to undergo castration

Sounds pretty fair to me 'sexual predators to opt for castration'. What you sow, so shall you reap. For all those, left bewildered with the word ‘castration’, well, 'castration' means 'the act of removing the testicles'. Whereas, the literal meaning of the word is, any act that removes the power from a person or entity. Isn't for man, the sexual superiority, their only power, removes their damn reproductive baggage and you leave them doomed!! Wondering, who would voluntarily anticipate for the control action remedies of castration? This sure need some real balls for a real man to accept the punishment and loose the men pride. Now, this is a remarkable gray matter processing for the next level punishment.

Let us accept one reality fact that excessive sexual activity or any abnormal sexual pattern requires Medical attention. The hormonal imbalance in most cases is the cause, keeping in focus the emotional, environmental and other social triggers. Elaborating note we acquire puberty and secondary pubertal changes due to the hormonal surge. The hormonal surge brings about the maturity of the reproductive organs, and in specific the male repro elongation. This is how a normal cycle blossoms you from a bud to a good quality big flower. This defines the HORMOMAL MECHANISM in our body in the simplest of words.

The triggers are the boosting or accelerating add-on to the normal hormonal cycles. Back to the centuries, where we find that the puberty acquiring age fell around 12 to 16 years in females and 16 to 18years in males, has now changed to 10 to 12 in females and 12 to 16 in males, due to the environmental and social factors.   Let's apply a new perspective to the sexual harassers and abusers. Very well respecting the fact that they deserve abhorrent attitude and they should be punished according to the Islamic Shariah law.

'Castration' is just the elimination of the disease while leaving the 'root cause' of the disease untouched. Go on chopping their testicles and not treating the vulnerable dirty brain circuit would leave them jumping on to the bed anyway. An affirmative response to the logical suggestion by Dr. Majid al-Issa the deputy director of the National Family Safety Pregame would help in up bringing a 'more pious society'.

Here by, I strongly agree with the point of view of castration suggested by the Dean of the school of Shariah , Mr. Saud-al-Fenaisan,  since the beasts if allowed to wait long for the going through procedure of 'rehabilitation pregame' can be a source of harm, still, should get the testicles chopped and then get treated, would become an intense tormenting technique. No pain, No gain. The women are to seen nowhere in jannah. With this chemical castration, I am seeing all the MEN conquering the Heavens. Dear men, go for it. The road to heaven is this simple straight path. And once landed there, the 'hoors are at the arm lengths distance'. After all, this world's a temporary fascination.

Source: Al Arabiya

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