Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Saudi women pushing wheelchairs in Makkah Haram to make a living

Putting Makah’s unbearable hot weather aside and not even thinking about the exhaustion one gets from fasting, Saudi women somehow manage to push wheelchairs in the grand mosque of Makkah in order to make their living and feed their family members. It is undoubtedly a wonderful opportunity for every Saudi woman that does not only help the disabled to complete their religious rites with ease, but also saves them from begging and helps them earn halal.

A feature reported in a Saudi magazine about Umm Muhammad al-shareef’s husband who left her and their 12 children. In order to save their family from starvation, Umm Muhammad al-shareef took her 17 years old eldest daughter to see if they could earn some decent amount. She is completely satisfied after earning at the grand mosque in Makah and believes that halal money is much better than begging, that is strictly forbidden.

Umm Maha Al-Enizi was married for several years with one daughter. Several years after her married life, her husband finally divorced her and refused any type of support for her or her daughter. Umm Maha had no other choice then to look for a job that could help her earn her living. Since Umm Maha was not educated, she faced a lot of problems while searching for jobs. She used to visit Haram frequently and later realized that there are several pilgrims who need help to performUmrah completely. Umm Maha decided to start pushing wheel chairs for pilgrims and was successful. Her earnings do not only help her pay her rent of her apartment, but even helps her with her daughter’s education. She makes the best use of the holy month Ramadan when she works for 12 hours to earn extra income. Umm Maha has been working since 4 years now and is extremely satisfied with this work.

Umm Abdullah al-Otaibi is a housewife and a mother of four children. Her husband is very old and therefore retired from work. She was living under very difficult circumstances and needed an urgent job to earn their living. It was very difficult for her to meet the high cost of living from her husband’s pension and therefore needed to work.

With the increasing popularity of Saudi Arabia, it becomes extremely difficult for a single man to fulfil the basic necessities of the entire family. The majority of the Saudi women believe that pushing wheel chairs at the grand mosque of Makah is a much respectable job and gives them satisfaction too, rather than begging and earning in a way that is not allowed in Islam. It is surely a wonderful opportunity for every Saudi woman who is not educated, but is still willing to make their living. The stories of the Saudi women stated above should be an inspiration for many others like them who are going through the same situation like they were. These women are a new ray of hope for many unemployed women.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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