Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saudi Women set world record in Global Mental Literacy

It’s extremely important to keep reminding the minds of the people who live outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that with all the laws and regulations that may seem to be very excruciating for the Saudi women, it doesn’t change things are actually implemented. It’s not wrong to admit that within the past, there haven’t been many events or days where the Saudi women were applauded or given the chance to compete and tell the world that they are equally good and equally talented as the women from around the globe. Recently however, things have drastically changed when Saudi Women broke the Global Mental Literacy record. 

It was in an attempt to rank itself as the first institution in the Arab Kingdom that could mark the Global Mental Literacy world record. The record consisted of 1,380 female students and faculty members in the Dar Al Hekma University. The university’s auditorium was filled and jammed with students when they welcomed the guest, Dr. Manahel Thabet. She happens to be the holder of 3 PhDs and also the youngest winner of the Year 2000 from Woman Federation for World Peace. Her successes don’t stop here. Again in 2013, Dr Thabet won for herself the Genius of the Year award that was given by the World Genius Directory representing all of Asia.  The reason for Dr. Manahel Thabet’s trip to the Dar Al Hekman University was her attempt to teach the students the technique of mind mapping that was invented by the renowned educational consultant Tony Buzan as a method to enhance the way people think and capture their thoughts.

Through this technique, they cannot only make better sense of their thoughts but also become more creative in ways to show what they wish to tell. Through this technique, they can think out of the box and the students of Dar Al Hekma University were very much successful in it.  President of the Dar-Al Hekma University talked about how this event would help clear the minds and also change the concepts and allow people to think about “how to teach” instead of “what to teach”.

This would help to produce more creative and critical thinkers, which would also enhance their performance, creativity and memory. Within the first 30 minutes of mind mapping and after Dr. Thabet evaluated each and every single one in the 90 minutes, the general secretary of the World Memory Sports Council announced Dr. Thabet’s record of evaluating each and every single mind map in the auditorium in 3 seconds!

This was a huge achievement for the University campus as they learned how to mind map within a session of just 2 hours. They all celebrated the victory with Dr. Thabet where she addressed the media how pleased she was to be a part of the event. She even said how thrilling the whole experience was for her and how the record breaking is just the first with the assistance of DAH students.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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