Sunday, November 29, 2015

SR 200,000 loan write off from bank for SR 15,000

It has often been talked and commented over and over again about the problems that expatriates face when they come in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At times it cannot be told or proven who is at fault. Over the years, many expats have been held under the Court of Law as guilty and struggle to find their way out. Today is not one of those times where the expat is held wrongfully under trial. A Lebanese national is facing bribery charges, which according to the amount of evidence stands just.

A Lebanese national works at a local bank in the city of Jeddah. Here, he came into contact with a Saudi woman who he asked for a bribe of SR 15,000. Reports have shown that the Saudi woman owed a debt of SR 200,000 to the local bank where the Lebanese worked in the sales department. The Saudi woman claims that the man had asked her for the bribe and assured her that he will take care of the debt. What holds the man rightfully under trial are the video recordings of the man along with the woman where their entire conversation is kept on tape.

According to the Lebanese national, he claims of not knowing the woman enough to make such a promise to her. In fact, he tells the media that he met the woman at his friend’s shoe shop where they  had a conversation. After the mention of where the expat worked, she talked about how she owed a huge debt to the bank and asked whether he could help and make it all go away. It still can’t be decided who claims to tell the truth. Despite the fact that the videotape is enough to charge the man for bribery charges, it is important to think of all the possible connections between the both.

According to the man, the woman came to the shop and began having a conversation. It can be said that the woman might have tracked the man down in search that someone could help her and her sister to lower the debt. According to different sources, the man asked the woman that he will look in to the financials the next day at work and also took her number to inform her and contact her. The man claims that after going through the details of the debt, he jokingly asked the woman for SR15,000 and he would make it all go away.

Perhaps the man does speak the truth, but the lack of evidence cannot set the man free of the accusation. It can be possible that the woman found the joke as the best way to charge the man in hope that once the bank interferes in order to make it all go away, she could demand for the debt to either cut down or go away completely. If the man can find enough of proof that what he said was true, the whole case will stand weak.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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