Friday, November 27, 2015

TOP 4 Sweet Treats you must try in Riyadh

Among so many other specialties, Riyadh offers diversity of sweets, candies, chocolates, Arabic treats and desserts. Sweets and chocolates improve quality of life especially if you are in Riyadh. There are so many sweet shops and stores which offer different kinds of famous sweets but some of the most wanted sweets of Riyadh you should try are;

Cotton candy: Cotton candy is one of the most wanted sweet available in Riyadh, you can find it out in the gigantic candy store Candylawa inside Panorama mall. Not only cotton candy, it also has a variety of hundreds of chocolate and different other desserts. Cotton candy is the light in weight and soft on tongue. It get dissolved the moment it goes inside mouth, the heavenly feeling! Yummy!! The coffee shop by Candylawa is getting fame day by day due to its fascinating location. It is located at the top of food court stalls of mall which give a complete view of whole Panorama mall to visitors. The famous and mostly demanded sweets of Candylawa are Coco Dome and Pistachio & Raspberry Kunafa. The best thing about this dessert is how warm chocolate pours into the ball, it goes on till the ball melts until it shows the inner ingredients, that’s amazing.  As if you are visiting an Arabian night’s location and calling magical words ‘Khul ja Sim Sim (open up the hidden door) Lol!! They also serve an espresso cup for pouring on cotton candy to help it melting. 

Llao llao: Llao llao is the tastiest desert I have ever ate, trust me the tastiest. It is actually frozen yogurt which takes you on a trip of heavens and fantasies. It has a balanced amount of sweetness and sour which gives it a lavish and fascinating taste. It has a topping of fruits with drizzled milk chocolate which tastes out of this world. I can’t even resist while writing all this. It is available in a good quality in Kingdom Mall or Hayat Mall. Froyo is a water melon Slushie topped with frozen yogurt, it additionally has a topping of fruits and caramel sauce.

Chocolate soufflé: Chocolate soufflé is one of the best deserts in fact cupcake seen in Riyadh, basically the origin of this cake is from France back in 18th century.  You can get it on a coffee shop located at the end of Dabab Street. The bestseller of soufflé cake is Sada Al Tahlia in Riyadh as narrated by a customer that people take their own trays of bigger sizes to get their cakes bakes as per their requirements. It shows the high quality of cakes by Sada Al Tahlia, actually these cakes are coated with chocolate sauce inside.

Blueberry cheesecake: It is also a best sweet available at Saadeddin in Riyadh. Besides Saadeddin, Aani and Dani also offers best blue velvet cake which is one of the most desirable sweets of mine. It has cheese topping but it is slightly lighter than normal cheese cakes. The packing Aani and Dani doubles you’re craving for blueberry cheesecakes Besides all above sweets and deserts there are so many other sweets available in Riyadh to take you to a trip of heavens. Till you are staying in Riyadh, you can enjoy all these varieties to add value to your trip. Enjoy!

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