Saturday, November 28, 2015

Top 5 Hot and Most Dashing Arab Princes of 2017

Royal world has its own charisma and fantasy; people all over the world are mesmerized by personality charm of Princes and princesses all over the world. As instance Prince William and Prince Harry are two who are famous for their Royal standards and hotness. Being realistic, princes of Middle East are way more attractive and hotter than British and Western heroes and princes. Middle East has variety of Royal heroes who can easily beat any handsome hero of Hollywood. Here are some hottest princes of Middle East.

Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (aka Fazza) of Dubai: Who don’t know about this famous, romantic personality, Prince Hamdan has an exceptional personality and generous heart. He has gathered a great fame in context of romantic poetry and the way he expresses his thoughts in really attractive and captivating ways. Besides poetry and his fabulous looks, he is known for his adventurous nature. He is a very good horse rider and expert skydiver. And yes, he is the prospective ruler of Dubai.

Prince Mohammed bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani of Qatar: One of the most handsome Middle East prince, Mohammed Bin Hamad is the most attractive guy if we compare princes of different states. He is not only handsome and has charismatic personality but also has a very high caliber and extra ordinary intellectual level. He has an MBA degree from Harvard University and an exceptional track record in curricular and extracurricular activities. He can fluently speak English and French besides Arabic. He has also led Qatar Equestrian sports team formally.

Prince Hashim bin Hussein of Jordan: Prince Hashim is the younger son of King Hussein of Jordan and his queen Noor. The handsome, stunning and heartthrob Prince Hashim primarily has gained fame for his outstanding looks. He has marked higher levels in education and sport as well. He graduated from Georgetown University and came back to Jordan after higher studies and joined armed forces as captain to serve people of his country.

Prince Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi of Sharjah: Prince Khalid bin Sultan is another handsome prince of Middle East who is keenly interested in fashion arts and music. His interest in arts and music industry has led him join different related activities. He has studied at University College London which helped him to groom his skills and arts capacities. His favorite models are wide in range including Lady Gaga. He is also launched a fashion label in London with name ‘Qasimi’. 

Prince Fahad Al Saud of Saudi Arabia: Prince Fahad is not only handsome but carries several expertise in latest technology and social media. He has graduated from Stanford University and recruited as Facebook Head of user operations Arabic. He implemented latest gaming technologies named Lead NA3M for creating animated series, different games and web comics. His stunning personality, IQ level and qualification make him exceptional than any famous hero of film industry.

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