Sunday, November 29, 2015

What Happens when Bosses abuse their positions?

Everyone whether a worker in a factory, a teacher at a school or a manager at office all adhere to the fact that boss is always right. No doubt, the bosses have the power that hovers in the air but when it comes to bullying on the part of the boss, the experience becomes very tiresome for the employees. As reported by many Saudi employees, the treatment of the bosses with their workers is not very admirable. The person in power always gets the larger share and this is what bosses tend to do with the staff working under them. Employees in Saudi Arabia faces abuses by their bosses on everyday basis, Due to this undesirable attitude on the part of the bosses majority of the workers suffers from frustration and stress on daily basis.

According to a recent research the turnover rate of the Saudi employees is higher when the bosses try to bully and abuse them. Mistreatment and bad behavior forces many employees to quit the job but on the other hand the needy ones who are running families cannot take the risk and therefore accept the bullying and abuses by their bosses. Sometimes the boss’s harsh attitude towards the worker affects the worker’s performance as he/she is disturbed by the mental pressure. Ultimately very few candidates manage to tackle the pressure and the rest quit from their work places. Haneen Zuhairy, a Talent acquisition manager at a Saudi recruiting company stated that Mangers and bosses misbehave and abuse their employees on a purpose. They have some hidden agendas which can take the form of abuses and ill-treatment. If an employee suffers from usual bullying and insulting behavior he ultimately plans to leave the workplace. This becomes a problem for the hiring department as they have to recruit another member again.

Position and hierarchy   placement of the employees contributes a lot to the environment of an office. If a sub-ordinate is performing better than the manager than the manger would definitely give tough time to the sub-ordinate as he knows that his better performance can lead to his promotion. The insecurity of losing one’s job provokes the person to misbehave and overreact in odd situations.

Fayhan, a private sector employee added that he has work under a very demanding manager for almost two years and he still cannot forgot his boss ill-treatment towards him. Fayhan said that his manager used to burdened him with extra work. He was always loaded with pending work and has to work overtime to finish his tasks. He left the place and is now very satisfied with the new manager.

A dentist Mohammad, not revealing his last name, explained that he uses to work under very rude manager .He was insulted badly. The manager wanted Mohammad to work in the break time. He used to send his appointment to Mohammad so that he was overloaded with work all the time. So Mohammad resigned from the job just because of the ill-treatment by his boss.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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