Monday, November 30, 2015

Wolf Man who is destined to live in Isolation

The world we live in and the people we surround ourselves are all different from one another in every other aspect. When it comes to appearances, they might be a little unique then the rest, but the only way we can call them the same as us if because they are normal, with the same two pair or hands and legs and a stable mental health. That for us is normal and the people that most of us would enjoy the company of. Despite the fact that over the years, people have evaluated their sense of thinking and have become more open minded and versatile, there still will always be a day everything is packed in a box and pushed away.

This is exactly what the people who meet or come in visual contact to Jesus Aceves have to do. The 41-year-old Mexican, Aceves is normal. The only thing that makes him a little more different from the rest is the syndrome that has been stuck with him since birth. Aceves has hypertrichosis syndrome which is a very rare disease also commonly known as the “werewolf syndrome”. In this disease, there is an abnormal amount of hair growing on the face and the body. This syndrome cannot be controlled and has no treatment. Aceves has lived a very difficult life, but recently he has come to accept it better than he did since he was a child.

Aceves recalls and talks about how he used to bury his face in his hands when he moved about the streets just to avoid people staring and giving him a disgusted look. He had to drop out of school as a child because of the immense bullying and mocking by his schoolmates and classmates. He began drinking alcohol at the young age of 13 and that has caused him to be so vulnerable. Aceves belongs to the family of the city of Loreto situated in the central state of Zacatecas. Till date, there have been only 50 reported cases of this rare syndrome out of which thirteen belong to the same family. Aceves is amongst the 7 men and 6 women of this family.

He has worked in a circus with his cousins where he earned $8 per day. Apart from that, he recalls how there were only two instances in his entire life when he was able to smile and forget somewhat of the pain that haunts him since he existed. The instances where when he was able to shave his facial hair for the purpose of appearing on television, one in Japan and the other in Britain. One of Aceves cousins also joined the circus of horrors in London as a way for him to deal with this genetic syndrome.

One cannot blame Aceves or his cousins for the syndrome that is a part of their lives. That is how they are, but maybe the response from the people around him could have helped him cope with his difference rather than him seek to hide.

Source: Arab News

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