Friday, December 11, 2015

11 Inspirational and Admiring Arab Women

In Arab culture, most of the women prefer to live at home as housewife. They consider their responsibility towards their children. However, when they decide to come out of their houses and work outside, they become inspiration for the rest of the world. We have described about some of the most inspirational Arab women, who are changing the world and making their own position to stay within are:

DR. MONA MINA: Dr. Mina Mona was an Egyptian peadtracician and one of the founding members of the doctors group with no rights, that promoted better working conditions for the doctors and has even be seen to actively participate in aiding protestors at the Egyptian demonstrations. She won the seat of secretary general of the doctor’s syndicate and became the first woman to do so.

LOUJAIN AL HATHLOUL: One of the most active women’s right activists from Saudi Arabia is loujain al hathloul. For trying to drive in Saudi, she was jailed for more than 70 days. In order to confront against the male monopoly in Saudi, loujain opted to run for the Saudi council elections under an order from late king Abdullah. She stood for elections not to win, but to increase the number of women who stand in elections.

PRINCESS RYM OF JORDAN: Princess Rym of Jordan studied journalism and even worked for the United Nations bureau of the CNN and BBC and many others. She was expelled from Baghdad where she worked as a producer and then sent to Jordan. She then became the executive commissioner of the royal film commission in Jordan after interviewing the prince. The prince then later became her husband. She was the one who found Jordan media institute and thus called journalism as basis of a healthy society.

HALA SHUKRALLAH: In Egypt, HalaShukrallah was the first Christian woman to qualify for presidentship of a political party. She also runs an NGO that empowers the local communities.

MUNA AL GURG: She is a philanthropist and an Emirati business woman. She started the al-gurg’s women empowerment forum that aims to advise the young entrepreneurs. She is mostly working on education in under developed areas of the world.

DORA BOUCHOUCHA: A very famous film producer from tunisia and also the head of carthage film festival in 2008 and 2010. She gained popularity after the production of 10 feature and short films. She even founded different workshops to train film makers and promote southern cinema.

ABEER ABU GAITH: She is a Palestinian entrepreneur who started stay linked, that linked Palestinian freelancers and businesses all around the world.

DAME NEMAT SHAFIK: She is the Egyptian-American-British deputy of the bank of England also the youngest ever vice president at the World Bank at only 36 years of age and later became the permanent secretary of Britain’s department for international development. 

FATIMA MERNISSI: She is a Moroccon social scientist and an author. She even published around 15 books, focusing on the women changing in each Muslim society.

AMIRA YAHYAOUI: She is a Tunisian human right activist, journalist and a blogger. She became an independent youth candidate in Tunisia’s first free election after coming back from France, where she fled due to the threats her family faced. She then started an NGO by the name of al bawsala that stands up for human rights

MUNA ABUSULAYMAN: She is a Saudi media personality. She was the one who found the formal secretary general of Al-waleed bin talal foundation. She was also the first one among women to be appointed by the UNDP as an ambassador in Saudia Arabia.

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