Wednesday, December 30, 2015

3800 unclaimed dead bodies of expats lying in Saudi Morgues waiting for their relatives

It takes a lot of work and a very hefty procedure when an expat applies for a job within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All of it becomes very easy when you have a sponsor who can vouch for the expat and can give the government an assurance on behalf of them. Through this, many expats enter the Kingdom from developing and under developing counties very easily. It can, however, be very saddening to hear that some of those very expats now lie in several hospitals scattered across the Kingdom, lifeless.

The very expats who entered the Kingdom for making a career and in the hope of funding their family back home now are lying around in several hospitals still unclaimed. The total number of expats that died last year and were sent to several morgues across the hospitals within the Kingdom were 5,555 out of which 1343 were claimed and buried while the remaining bodies still remain in the morgues. We can’t fully justify how and when they passed away, but since they entered the Kingdom through sponsors, now they have no one to even Identify them.

It is equally disappointing for the forensics department of the Kingdom which talks about how the bodies have yet not been claimed. Once we they have identified some of the deceased, they make calls to their sponsors who don’t even come to check in and claim the body. One cannot be sure whether the families of these expats are even informed or not. The head of the deceased affairs blames many of the businesses for delaying the arrangements for the repatriation of the bodies which died under their sponsorship.

He pointed out that there should be laws derived against these sponsors who fail to claim the bodies of the expats that were their responsibility. The head said that the cost for the coffins and air tickets is estimated to be around SR 3,000 and becomes the duty of the sponsor and needs to be borne by them. If sponsors continue to not claim and clear morgues, they should halt their visa permits for calling in any more sponsors. This way they would clear the previous expats and only then could they employ new people. The head Ali Bawazeer said that the businesses or sponsors are given a time period of 2 months to clear the procedures of deportion.

Over the years, there hasn’t been a very active committee set against these sponsors and hence the number of dead bodies within the morgues continues to increase. The families of these expats are not well off in the first place and hence cannot call for the bodies on their own. It becomes necessary that strict action should be taken against such sponsors who fail to execute their duties. Just to save money they have lost the difference and importance of humanity and perhaps nothing can be more disheartening and shocking to hear and go through for anyone.

Source: Al Arabiya

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