Thursday, December 17, 2015

5 months Old Baby Girl died due to shortage of Hospital Beds

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contains some of the finest resources and facilities for its citizens. These resources include state of the art technology, hospitals, workplaces, businesses, museums and other facilities. Perhaps this time around one can blame the hospitals in the Kingdom after the tragic loss of a family who lost a baby girl due to the unavailability of beds in the ICU of a local hospital. A five-month-old girl was born with heart problems. The girl by the name of Tahani was born in the city of Makkah at Maternity and Children Hospital. She was diagnosed of problems in her heart muscles and it was advised that she must be given complete special care. This was supposed to be an ongoing procedure. They hospital also told both the parents that this will affect her lifestyle and she will need continuous monitoring. Tahani was at home when suddenly she faced difficulty breathing.

Her father rushed her to the emergency unit of the same hospital where she was born. She faced difficulty in breathing, but there was no one to help her at the hospital. She had stayed in the emergency unit for 24 hours because the ICU did not have any beds free and she could not be diagnosed. This was confirmed by Tahani’s father, Mohammad al-Etaibi. After struggling for 24 hours, the baby girl died the next day because of the carefree attitude displayed by the hospital.  What worsened the situation for the father, who had just lost his daughter, was the fact that the hospital left the baby’s body in the emergency rather than carrying out the mortuary procedures.

The mortuary employee wasn’t available and the hospital told Tahani’s father that the body won’t decompose for another six hours. In between all this brutality, a nurse finally sympathized with the father and filled out the mortuary papers while the employee was nowhere to be found.  It can be said that Al-Etaibi might still have the company of his daughter if the hospital would not only have beds, but also a better and devoted staff.

For one to be involved in the medical sector doesn’t just mean that you enjoy a lot of resources and a high pay, but it solely means that you have entitled yourself to help the people and doing whatever you can to save the lives of those who need saving.  Such basic principles are somehow ignored while certain doctors are brought up to practice in hospitals and society.  Fawaz Alshaikh who is the directorate spokesman acknowledged that he was fully aware of the father’s complaint and he will take action against all those involved. Tahani’s father has made it his mission to find the culprits.

He will do whatever is in his power to conduct proper investigations. Certain investigations have already begun and there is a committee established to remove those from duty who were found responsible as soon as possible.

Source: Al Arabiya

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