Wednesday, December 23, 2015

6 Years old child dies in the School Bus due to suffocation after being left alone

When we talk about the individuals in society we are mostly concerned about how much they affect us and what consequences we will have to face if not judged correctly. Somehow we find ourselves surrounded by independent individuals who are found irresponsible not only towards their work but towards their character. A few days ago, a display of lack of responsibility caused the life of a 6-year-old KG student. He was found dead in the school bus at home time as he was left them since morning.  Who can be blamed?

The young boy left for school according to his parents happily, boarded the bus as it continued on its regular routine. It was found that the boy fell asleep in the bus and as it reached the international school in the city of Jeddah, everyone got off except for the boy who was fast asleep. The bus driver did not bother checking whether all the students got off the bus and then parked the school bus and came back in the afternoon.  The school bus was locked shut and had no windows opened. Under the extreme climate and scorching sun, the bus became extremely humid and lack of oxygen caused the death of the boy. When he came back to the bus, he was shocked to find the boy there and before he could help him he was already dead.

Possible reasons for the death are suffocation, but maybe there must have been something else wrong with the boy since he slept through the entire journey from home to school. The uncle of the young boy blames the school for showing such a ruthless behavior. They say the father has collapsed after hearing the death of their son. In fact, the school called the parents lying to them that their son is ill.

When they arrived at school, both parents were shocked to find that their child had died. It can be asked and wondered why didn’t this private bus which was hired by the school not having a conductor or supervisor aboard the bus? The uncle Is infuriated and demands a full investigation of what actually went down. The school has their reputation at stake as the family blames them for the loss of their son. They also shout out that the school should have done a better job at marking the attendance of the boy if he never entered the premises of the school that day. Perhaps if prompt action was taken, their child might still be alive.

The Ministry of Education has asked for a complete report over the case of the 6-year-old immediately. They have taken out steps for the investigation which is being followed and heads on in full swing. The spokesman of the Jeddah police said that the case was handed over to the northern police for further investigation and it is their high priority to come up with a report and put in front of the education ministry.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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