Friday, December 25, 2015

7 brake warning signs which must be considered

Vehicles are one of Saudi Arabia’s prides. People in the Kingdom love to keep themselves busy with knowing about all the latest and newest models of vehicles. They could be Convertibles or the Audis, Arabs love to know about them all. Not only that, but they want to take them and use them just as much so they won’t think twice before purchasing the latest model. This is one reason why the roads of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are constantly filled with the hustle and bustle of vehicles rolling in and out.  During all of this there is a high risk of casualties and accidents that take place. Sometimes it involves pedestrians and at other incidents it’s because of the collisions of cars. No one can fully know who comes ta fault until or unless there are eye-witnesses.

Over the years, the number of cars purchased has increased drastically and so has the number of vehicle involved accidents. Reasons behind these accidents are sometimes due to lack of concentration and carelessness, but mostly because of brake failures. If you have a car or any other sort of vehicle, it becomes your responsibility to not only ensure whether it is perfectly up to date, but also take all the necessary measures to ensure that if there is a problem is must be addressed immediately before it can be taken out for a drive. There are a number of steps that can be followed to ensure and analyze whether your vehicle might be subjected to brake failure or not. It’s better to be safe than sorry and hence it is easier and quick enough to keep track of your vehicle yourself.

  1. If your care slides while braking, you should immediately know that it doesn’t have a good grip and if not addressed, it can prove very dangerous. This can easily be noted if while braking the care slides to one side.
  2. If you sense that your brake pedal is vibrating while you’re applying normal brakes, you should conclude that there must be something wrong.
  3. This also includes if you hear any kind of noise when you apply the brakes. This won’t happen all the time. Some vehicles make noise when the high-performance brakes are not up to the temperature.
  4. Make note whether your pedal touch is not too hard.
  5. Make note whether your pedal touch is not too soft.
  6. Concentrate on the sensitivity of the braking pedal whether the brakes are applied to the slightest touch.
  7. If your brake lights flash in the dashboard try checking into your braking system.

If you find any of the above mentioned errors or signs in your vehicle, know immediately that something is not right with your vehicle’s braking system and take the matter to the mechanic immediately. Try not to drive too far if there is an error and instead call for a mechanic who can visit your car at your premises almost immediately.

Source: Motory

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