Saturday, December 12, 2015

A look into how Online Behavior is changing in Saudi Arabia

A decade ago, if we look back and take a look at the past and trace the clues of the phenomenon that has extremely transformed the society is visibly the change of the mode of Communication. Internet is not a new trend but the social media has taken over everything. Now imagine how easily one can see that what is happening at the other side of the world. It is not very hard to recall the communications strategies way back in the year 2006 when disk and floppies were used to transfer data and to carry out essential communication. 

The Kingdom has adopted the trend very quickly and therefore the changing online behavior is quite prominent. One of the social media agencies planned to intrude in the Kingdom’s digital world and inquired how the social media has changed the behavior of the frequent online users. Reintroducing Social Saudis is the name of the report that takes an insightful look at what Saudis do online. Two years later one of the famous agency planned to reinvestigate some of its data collected in the year 2013. Since the report contain extensive list of points few of the major observations are discussed in this article. According to the report,

  1. Facebook has emerged as a social networking platform that has gathered the highest numbers of online users but Twitter growth surpassed Facebook by 25% in the past two years.
  2. Most of the Saudis prefer social media entertainment as platforms like snap chat and Intsagram have emerged with the passage of time.
  3. Online video has become the mode of obtaining content from various platforms, especially Facebook and Intsagram.
  4. Videos related to Sports and especially comedy TV shows are the most popular categories that fall under the domain of most watched online videos.’
  5. Using hash tag on Instagram and Facebook has become a common practice. The wide use of hash tags represents the majority of the female community on the social media.
  6. Since very long You Tube is the most famous platform for video downloading, Facebook and Instagram are extremely used for quick online videos sharing   available easily for everyone.

The few points mentioned above explain the dominant change that has taken place in the life of the Saudi online users. It is visible that social media is having a greater impact in Saudi Arabia. The youthfulness of the population of the Saudis explains the popularity of the social media in the Kingdom. The largest number of users is aged 26 to 34 in the Kingdom. This reveals the fact that it’s the young generation of the world that is often ready to adopt and learn new technologies quickly. Social media sites are becoming popular day by day as they provide the best form of entertainment to their  users .There are number of various social media networks that caters to need of the users almost of every age. The sites are certainly a step towards world globalization.

Source: Step Feed

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