Friday, December 25, 2015

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bank Robbery

When one talks about some of the issue that prevails in their country, there will always be the discussion about the country’s security and self-defense systems. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a large country and holds people from a lot of different background and diverse cultures. Apart from the Saudis as local citizens, within the Kingdom reside a large number of expats that include nationals of Pakistan, India, Phillippines, Indonesia etc. These are all people from either developing or third world countries that enter the Kingdom to earn a good living for themselves that wasn’t offered to them from where they came from.

They left behind all the issues that prevailed back home in search and hope for a better future for themselves and their families. What is most lacking within all the countries I listed above is security. Not just these countries, but developed countries like America also face domestic issues and violence that are very natural to occur. Any society is a mixture of two kinds of people. One are the good and the others are bad. They are differentiated by the attitude they carry and their way of taking and talking about life. The good people have a positive attitude, always optimistic with life. Though, the bad ones will be surrounded by only negativity that captivates them leaving them unable to escape.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is perhaps one of the safest countries. Here, laws and regulations are so strict that one cannot even think of breaking them considering the extreme consequences that will prevail after. Here, the punishments for criminals are made public so if anyone even thinks of following into those footsteps, they would hold back immediately. What surprises me most is how much people still exaggerate about the little things that happen within the Kingdom. Who can be blamed for it? Is it those wrong people who try to go a little overboard, or the media who takes a hair and falsely fills in twigs making a wig cover their heads?

No one is questioning that there are certain acts of crime, certain robberies on a low scale and that could have gotten out of hand if the correct measurements were not taken. Instead, the media needs to fill their storylines and need their channel or newspapers running and just a little matter will end up on the front covers and breaking headlines. With such things, how can one even feel safe despite being safe? The media plays a very important role in all of this.

A simple robbery has the cons of having wide recognition and attention while the pros are outnumbered and only helps the citizens that they can be aware if something happened in some part of the country or their city. Media telecasting should always be to a level that doesn’t cause people to think all of the negativities and make them feel unsafe within the premises of their homes amongst their loved ones.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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