Thursday, December 10, 2015

Are Saudi women enslaved in their homes?

The western and sometimes eastern media never leave one chance to propagate how the women are suffering in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Muslim world. These media sources can often been seen sourcing various foreign and local sources and how they view the oppression being carried out on the women. People can often be heard saying that they have stayed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where they have witnessed the confined women. People do not say this about Iran and Turkey though however in the rest of the Muslim world, Muslim women are enslaved, which is why they are backwards.

Comments such as these are often easy to ignore but when they reach some sort of decisive conclusion built up on their own concoction of theories and clich├ęs, then it is hard to let them just go. Instead of bashing them like several people tend to do, I would simply like to claim that this is simply not true, that’s it. Muslim women, be it in Saudi Arabia or other Muslim countries contribute to the economy and to their family by working. Furthermore there are several people who claim that Muslim women are kept confined and enslaved at home. Really? How do you think that is possible since the women are practically the main household member in charge of running the day to day running of the house, raising the children and also looking after her husband, and in some cases parents of the husband?

There might be women who do not like to venture outside of their homes, however does this classify as enslaving women or imprisoned women. There is nothing enslaving others about mothers caring for and raising their children. Even if there are housemaids and / or baby sitters at home, can they replace a mother’s love or duty?

There are several statistics which show the situation to be contrary to such foolish statements. In the universities of Saudi Arabia, there are more Saudi women than men. There are also thousands of women working in commercial and trade sectors. There are several hundreds of businesswomen running their own businesses. These women have been managing billions of riyals worth of investments in the real estate, trade and industry sectors. Several Saudi women have been working in journalism and media fields as well. My employer pressing me for this article at this very moment is also a woman.

There are around 30 female members of the consultative body of the Kingdom, known as the Shoura Council. In the upcoming municipal elections several women are planning to participate both as voters and candidates. There are also several Saudi women enrolled in the Western Universities in fields of science, medicine and engineering, while some have also won several international prestigious awards. Keeping all of the above in mind, just absorbing everything, can you truly say that Saudi women are enslaved or inflicted upon by the men of Saudi Arabia. This might be the case in a select few cases however generalizing this would be an ignorant move.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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