Wednesday, December 30, 2015

As society changes, close-knit families become a rarity

There is no doubt that the tables that seated people, not most of them remain empty. Over the decade, alienation has been at its peak and now the tables’ hosted members of the family sharing their stories now remain silent except at some occasions. During the decade, the internet, and smart phone revolution has caused people to drift away from one another no matter how close they were before. If we think of the positivity of the internet and social media, we have to admit that they have bridged the gap between people who are thousands of miles apart from one another, but the main negativity is that because of this people have drifted miles away from the people who they share the same roof with.

Smart phones and the internet have become such a huge part of our lives that now we’ve moved away from it all. For us, our life is all focused on our Facebook profiles, the length of our snapchat stories, and the likes on our Instagram posts or the tweets on Twitter. That is probably all that we are concerned with now and there is nothing more saddening. We look at our young generation only to find them equipped with the latest technology and spending hours and hours swiping through the LED touch screens and keeping themselves happy. When we look back at when we were of their age, we were happy with a box of crayons and a paper.

For us, that was happiness. Now with the advancements, the newer generation may never understand or know the value of the crayons. Perhaps they won’t ever know the thrill of purchasing their first phone because at this minor age, they have it all.  It’s true that some things are meant to change. When we ask our parents what it felt like when they bought their first phone, they recall back to around 13 years ago. That’s the time when only a handful of people purchased cellphones that were newly launched by Nokia. Now you’ll find so many types in every other’s hand.

Once the families that shared gossips and news, things that happened in their day now find out the biggest happenings in their family’s lives by their Facebook posts.  Perhaps one wouldn’t feel so sorry looking at this perspective if the family was scattered around the globe, but the distance that has grown amongst family members still living under the same roof has caused everyone to blame the era of technology and the internet.

Similarly, this is one of the reasons why marriages are beginning to disorientate a lot earlier than they even started. Now, if you don’t find mutual understanding between them they will only alienate themselves to the vicinity of their rooms and that’s the end of all hope. Honestly, the spouses do not even try to mend their relationship. Perhaps that’s the saddest news one could bring that the technology man created now destroys them faster than they could fully grow.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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