Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bride of Red Sea – Jeddah does not have a proper Drainage System

The recent and the last surveys conducted in the past few years concluded that the flooding of tunnels, roads and streets particularly in Jeddah was an outcome of lack of adequate rainwater drainage systems. It is high time for the Jeddah municipality to plan a constructive drainage plan for the composition city. It’s not something new as every time rainfall brings a number of problems for the residents of Jeddah as there is no proper planning of how to evacuate rain water. According to Prince Khaled Al-Faisal the emir of Makkah, Jeddah is a big cosmopolitan city and requires constructive rain water drainage system.

The Jeddah Municipality should focus on the water drainage projects that can be helpful to meet the challenges of the future. Since 2011, rainfall and the heavy floods and such cases are still running in the courts and final verdicts are still not issued. The emir has contacted the higher authorities and has submitted a report to the King requesting to address the Ministries of rural, municipal and finance affairs to look into the matter with great consideration. The King will order the finance department to allocate and suggest the budget required to produce and develop a concrete rain water drainage system that would cater the needs of the future challenges.

The ministry of rural and municipal have agreed to work in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance in the development of mega projects to deal with rain water and flood issues. It is not necessary that the project should be so perfect that there is not a single drop of water on the streets and roads. It will take and will get better with the passage of the time. The finance department mentioned that last year the allotted budget was not used properly by the responsible departments as they didn’t take the matter seriously.

According to the new development, the budget for the new project has been approved already. The implementation on the plan for the evacuation of the rainwater will apparently make life easier for the residents of Jeddah. But people have to wait for a long period as these mega projects are focusing the long term planning which requires extensive pre-planning. However many citizens hold the idea that government is not taKing any serious steps to construct any rain water drainage systems. Many times government has made other promises but there is hardly any practical implication of the new plans. According to the latest survey, 57 million cubic meters of water was recorded to fall as rain water.

The dams that were built to control the flood water back in 2011, after the recent rainfall contained up to 49 million cubic meters of water. Though, the flood that effected Jeddah in the previous year has brought numerous problems for the residents. The public seems unaware about the projects that are worKing to control the flood water during the rainy season and when it rains, despite of all the planning, Jeddah sinks into water.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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