Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cheating Husband caught on Camera flirting with Housemaid

When one comes to the thought of the Saudi woman, they only think that she is a woman who is deprived of her rights. Those of us who are not part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia could only “assume” what life is like for the woman there. For those outside the Kingdom, they think the women in Saudi Arabia have no life. They are just figures of human flesh and blood that are taken under the wing of a man to give birth and take care of a house and make it a home. For many, the thought is highly common when they consider the Saudi woman to be a matter of property.

It is absolutely true that before Islam spread during the time of the Prophet (SAW), there was extreme brutality amongst the people. Those were the times when women were considered as property. When the husband died, the woman was passed on to the son as part of a property. That is when they had no respect, no rights. It is utmost wrongful for those out of Islam to still think that woman have no value or rank in the Kingdom. To be honest, such stereotypes would be shocked to know that within the Kingdom woman are much stronger and wise regarding their rights as wives and citizens of society.

With the extensive use of technology and the media, it has become extremely easy to keep connected with events and incidents that shatter and rattle within society. Similarly was the case of a Saudi man who cheated on his wife, to be more precise, the “Saudi Wife”. A woman in the Kingdom had hints and clues that her husband might have been cheating on her with their Indonesian maid. She used a camera and made a recording secretively only to find that the husband was harassing the maid. The video was circulated online and that is what caught the attention of millions within the Kingdom.

There have been mixed views and remarks for the Saudi wife. Some claim she’s a hero who took an action against her husband while others impose that she shouldn’t have done that and dealt with the matter herself. According to certain resources, the person who was in charge of posting the video online could be sentenced to a year of prison and a fine of SR 500,000. As for the wife, who without permission of the two made the video, could be imprisoned for 6 years and a fine of SR3 million. The video shows that the husband was harassing the Indonesian maid, while she was resenting him. According to the Indonesian Embassy, they claim that she hasn’t filed any complaint against the man.

No one can really tell whether there was something going on between the Saudi man and the Indonesian maid, but what can be credited is that the Saudi wife did whatever in her power to prove that her husband wasn’t loyal. Perhaps she not saved herself, but the maid as well.

Source: Arab News

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